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Pakistan’s Terror Connections

Judge Gives American 35 Years for Plotting Deadly Mumbai Terror Attack


CHICAGO — A federal judge in Chicago imposed a 35-year prison sentence Thursday on David Coleman Headley for his role in plotting the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks that killed 166 people, including six Americans, and for a foiled plot in Denmark.

Headley, a 52-year-old businessman and former U.S. drug informant, avoided the death penalty by confessing that he did surveillance for both plots and cooperating extensively with investigators after his arrest in October 2009.

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Terror Group Recruits From Pakistan’s ‘Best and Brightest’

A new study of 917 fallen Lashkar-e-Taiba fighters documents the group's extensive integration in Pakistani society and helps explain its impunity for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Four Disturbing Questions About the Mumbai Terror Attack

Despite extensive evidence and a U.S. indictment, Pakistani authorities haven't moved to arrest accused masterminds in the 2008 massacre or explain the alleged involvement of officers in Pakistan's spy agency.

The American Behind India’s 9/11—And How U.S. Botched Chances to Stop Him

Officials say David Coleman Headley slipped through the cracks despite repeated warnings to U.S. law enforcement. Indian authorities think the U.S. knew more than it has revealed about the ex-informant’s activities before the 2008 siege that killed 166 people, including six U.S. citizens.

Support for Mumbai Terror Group Lands Chicagoan 14-Year Prison Term

Tahawwur Rana, 52, had been convicted in 2011 on two counts of material support of terrorism for aiding Pakistan’s Lashkar-i-Taiba militant group and of a plot to attack a Danish newspaper.

U.S. Government Pressures Pakistan on Mumbai Terror Group

Treasury Department issued an order against eight leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba that prohibits Americans from doing business with them and freezes assets.

Militant Reaffirms Role of Pakistan in Mumbai Attacks

U.S. and Indian officials say weeks of interrogating Zabiuddin Ansari yielded new evidence that Pakistani intelligence officers helped plan and direct the 2008 terror onslaught that cost six Americans and 160 others their lives.

$10 Million Bounty for Alleged Mumbai Plotter Ups Pressure on Pakistan

Hafeez Saeed, cofounder of the militant group Lashkar-i-Taiba, remains at liberty in Pakistan, where prosecution has stalled of other alleged planners in the attacks that killed 166 people, including six U.S. citizens.

“The Perfect Terrorist” Investigation Debuts Tomorrow

ProPublica and PBS FRONTLINE will publish the results of a months-long investigation into how David Coleman Headley worked as a spy for the Pakistan’s intelligence service while planning the 2008 Mumbai attack for the terrorist organization.

Mumbai Attacks Renew Questions About Pakistan’s Crackdown on Militants

Despite international pressure on Pakistan, most of the suspected masterminds behind the last major attack on Mumbai remain at large.

Prosecutor Defends Deal With Mumbai-Attacks Plotter

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald defended a plea agreement with confessed terrorist David Headley. Defense lawyers say the government got played and used a whale to catch a minnow.

Chicago Terrorism Trial: What We Learned, and Didn’t, About Pakistan’s Terror Connections

Questions linger after the conviction of a Chicago-based businessman for supporting the group behind the Mumbai terror attacks.

Use Our Coverage to Understand Pakistan’s Suspected Terror Connections and the 2008 Mumbai Attacks

ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella has spent more than a year investigating suspected links between Pakistan's intelligence service and terrorist groups as well as the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Here's an overview of his investigation with links to stories that can help you dig even deeper.

Confessed Terrorist Tried to Help U.S. Track Down Other Terrorists

David Coleman Headley testified Tuesday that he tried to help U.S. authorities lure a suspected mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks out of Pakistan. He also said an al-Qaida-connected leader wanted to assassinate the head of Lockheed Martin.

How Do We Know Pakistan Terror Witness Is Telling the Truth?

Prosecutors knew the star witness in a U.S. federal court trial involving the 2008 Mumbai attacks had a tainted past. So, FBI investigators scoured the world for evidence to corroborate his testimony.

Reader’s Guide: Pakistan’s Terror Ties and the Shifting Relations Between Pakistan and the U.S.

When bin Laden was discovered hiding in a Pakistani town populated by the country’s military elite, questions surfaced again about Pakistan relationship with terrorist groups. An ongoing trial in Chicago, involving the 2008 Mumbai attacks, is keeping those suspicions alive.

Witness: Pakistani Intel Officer Ordered Hit on Mumbai Jews

Confessed terrorist David Coleman Headley says he met with six Pakistani intelligence officers during his years of terrorist activity. In court on Tuesday he said he was “pleased” when he learned that 166 people had been slaughtered in the Mumbai attacks.

Trial Testimony Intensifies Allegations Pakistan Is Playing Double Game

David Coleman Headley, a confessed Pakistani-American terrorist, alleges that Pakistani officers played a central role in reconnaissance and planning for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Star Witness in Terror Trial Could Heighten U.S.-Pakistan Tension

Tahawwur Rana is on trial for being an accomplice in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. But the spotlight will be on the star witness, David Coleman Headley, who has pleaded guilty in the case and has said he was working for Pakistan's intelligence service as well as for the terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba.

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