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Share Your Six Words on Race and Education

Sixty years after the Supreme Court outlawed “separate but equal,” ProPublica and the Race Card Project want to know what you think about the state of race and education in America. Tell us what you think in six words — make your card.

About This Project

Last fall, ProPublica teamed up with two Tuscaloosa, Ala., high schools — one integrated, one all-black — to tell the story of resegregation in the South. Students at the all-black Central High School and integrated Northridge High School spent several weeks photographing their experiences, from inside classrooms to the football field, from homecoming festivities to performing arts.

These students worked to show the modern realities of race and education from their perspective. Their photos and six-word essays kick off ProPublica’s partnership with Michele Norris’s The Race Card Project.

We now invite you to join the conversation. Share your six words on race and education.

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