The Cold War Legacy Lurking in U.S. Groundwater

For the first time, ProPublica has cataloged cleanup efforts at the 50-plus sites where uranium was processed to fuel the nation’s nuclear arsenal. Even after regulators say cleanup is complete, polluted water and sickness are often left behind.

DOJ Tried to Hide Report Warning That Private Border Wall in Texas Could Collapse

The report confirms a ProPublica and Texas Tribune investigation that found the privately built fencing could collapse during major flooding. The federal government resisted making the findings public for more than a year.

Fintechs Made “Massive Profits” on PPP Loans and Sometimes Engaged in Fraud, House Committee Report Finds

An investigation that began after reporting by ProPublica finds lax anti-fraud standards, executives who cashed in for themselves and contempt for small loan applications that would generate minimal fees. “Delete them,” one executive wrote.

ProPublica Is Seeking New Applicants for Our Local Reporting Network

We will partner with three more newsrooms on local accountability projects for a year starting in April 2023. The deadline to apply is Feb. 1.

St. Louis Can Banish People From Entire Neighborhoods. Police Can Arrest Them if They Come Back.

Neighborhood orders of protection in St. Louis are intended to fight petty crime and nuisances but they raise constitutional questions.

A Billionaire Got the Chicago Mayor’s Support to Lease Public Land. Then He Wrote Her Campaign a $25,000 Check.

After the donation from Joseph Mansueto, owner of the Chicago Fire soccer team, a city alderman asked for an independent investigation.

Editor’s Note: A Review of Criticisms of a ProPublica-Vanity Fair Story on a COVID Origins Report

What’s Really at Stake in a Politically Charged Supreme Court Case on Elections

Moore v. Harper could transform the law — but not in the way that many pundits, or even politicians, anticipate.

City Receives Half a Million Dollars for Air Monitoring After Report Reveals Elevated Cancer Risk

After years of resident complaints of toxic fumes and health issues, the EPA has funded Mississippi to conduct air monitoring in Pascagoula. This comes a year after a first-of-its-kind analysis by ProPublica into “sacrifice zones” across the country.

After a Stillbirth, an Autopsy Can Provide Answers. Too Few of Them Are Being Performed.

One in three stillbirths goes unexplained, leaving parents desperate for information. Many doctors don’t perform autopsies or tests that could offer insight, while some patients decide against them without fully understanding the potential benefits.

She Wanted an Abortion. A Judge Said She Wasn’t Mature Enough to Decide.

As abortion access dwindles, America’s “parental-involvement” laws place further restrictions on teenagers — who may need to ask judges for permission to end their pregnancies.

Endgame: How the Visionary Hospice Movement Became a For-Profit Hustle

Half of all Americans now die in hospice care. Easy money and a lack of regulation transformed a crusade to provide death with dignity into an industry rife with fraud and exploitation.

At Washington State Special Education Schools, Years of Abuse Complaints and Lack of Academics

Northwest SOIL promised to help students with serious disabilities. But when school districts urged action, the state let the private school stay open and receive millions in tax dollars.

The Military Pledged to Remove Unexploded Bombs From This Island. Native Hawaiians Are Still Waiting.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is leading the remediation effort, has been plagued by shoddy work and multiple regulatory disputes, according to an investigation by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and ProPublica.

“I Don’t Know Where I’m Going to Go”: HUD Displaces Even More Residents in This Small City

HUD already closed four public housing complexes in the Cairo, Ill., area. Now the federal agency is set to demolish a high-rise, gutting the city of some of its last affordable housing.

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