“Uprooted” Wins Paul Tobenkin Memorial Award

After Decades of Imprisoning Patients, Idaho Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

The Idaho Legislature has approved funding for a 26-bed facility after ProPublica found that state lawmakers and officials ignored repeated warnings about the practice of locking up mentally ill patients who hadn’t been convicted of a crime.

I Got Mailers Promoting Toddler Milk for My Children. I Went on to Investigate International Formula Marketing.

Health experts say formula marketing often makes misleading claims and prompts some mothers to prematurely give up breastfeeding. Yet the U.S. government has opposed advertising restrictions on the product around the globe.

With Every Breath

After CPAP Recall, Philips Must Institute New Safeguards in Agreement With U.S. Justice Department

The settlement comes nearly three years after the company acknowledged that an industrial foam fitted inside its machines could degrade and release toxic substances into the masks worn by patients.

State of Disrepair

The Influential Conservative Group Making it Harder for Idaho Districts to Fix Their Schools

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has gone beyond the education culture wars by targeting local bond and levy elections, which districts rely on heavily to build and repair schools.

Local Reporting Network

Friends of the Court

“Friends of the Court” Wins Investigative Reporters & Editors Award

Parental Alienation

New Utah Law Prioritizes Child Safety in Custody Courts

The legislation, which limits the use of reunification therapies and increases scrutiny of expert witnesses, follows ProPublica’s reporting on courts’ handling of custody cases involving allegations of violence.

Trump’s Lawyers Told the Court That No One Would Give Him a Bond. Then He Got a Lifeline, but They Didn’t Tell the Judges.

An appeals court reduced Trump’s bond by more than 60% after his attorneys claimed it was a “practical impossibility” to pay the full amount. Their failure to disclose a proposal from a billionaire financier may have violated ethics rules.

Lost Mothers

What to Know About the Roiling Debate Over U.S. Maternal Mortality Rates

A new study challenged the accuracy of public health data on deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth — and the narrative of high and rising U.S. maternal mortality rates. An unusual public dispute has ensued.

As Elections Loom, Congressional Maps Challenged as Discriminatory Will Remain in Place

With control of the House of Representatives hanging in the balance, the time-consuming appeals process means elections in multiple districts will take place using maps that have been challenged as discriminatory to voters of color.

ProPublica Announces 50 State Initiative, Boosting Local Journalism Commitment

ProPublica and Partners Win National Magazine Award

A Federal Judge Ruled That ProPublica’s Lawsuit Over Military Court Access Should Move Forward

The U.S. government lost its bid to dismiss part of the lawsuit, which would force the military to comply with a law meant to make the military justice system more transparent.

“The Unbefriended”

New York’s Guardianship System Is Broken. Will Lawmakers Pay for a Modest Fix?

As legislators negotiate a budget worth hundreds of billions of dollars, advocates wonder whether Albany will approve $5 million for reforms to the state’s troubled guardianship system.

What You Should Know About “Toddler Milk” and How It’s Marketed to Parents

These drinks, targeted to young kids, may promise unproven benefits like “improved brain development” or “improved immune function.” Yet the U.S. government has repeatedly fought against advertising restrictions on these products around the globe.

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