New Legislation Takes Aim at Hidden Foster Care

A ProPublica-New York Times Magazine story exposed a system with few legal protections for families. A first-of-its-kind bill aims to provide parents with free counsel when child protection workers try to move their kids without going to court.

“I Cannot Put His Name in the Past Tense”

In the wake of Tyre Nichols, a mother discusses the familiar role of grieving with purpose.

Lawmakers Attempting Takeover of Funds for Jackson’s Water System, Federal Manager Warns

Congress sent $600 million to Jackson to help fix its water system. Some are warning that new legislation could funnel the money out of the city.

How to Report on the Repatriation of Native American Remains at Museums and Universities Near You

A journalist’s guide to reporting on institutions that still hold Native American remains, using ProPublica’s NAGPRA database as a starting point.

Some Residents Can Get Home Loans in This Area, but Native Hawaiians Say They Can’t. Officials Want to Know Why.

The U.S. government backed home loans for the public in an area where there may be unexploded bombs, but some Native Hawaiians say they were denied financing in the same place. Now, elected officials are raising questions about safety and fairness.

Lawmakers Pledge to Fight for Comprehensive Action on Stillbirths

A ProPublica investigation found the U.S. lagging other developed nations in reducing the number of stillbirths. Lawmakers say increased funding will be key to any improvement.

UnitedHealthcare tried to deny coverage to a chronically ill patient. He fought back, exposing the insurer’s inner workings.

After a college student finally found a treatment that worked, the insurance giant decided it wouldn’t pay for the costly drugs. His fight to get coverage exposed the insurer’s hidden procedures for rejecting claims.

New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

Despite a 2016 law requiring transparency, the Defense Department is limiting public access to court records in the military justice system. A recent ProPublica lawsuit appears to have spurred the new Pentagon guidance.

How a Tourist Attraction Displaying the Open Graves of Native Americans Became a State-Run Museum

Generations of visitors learned about the history of Native Americans in Illinois through the eyes of amateur archaeologist Don Dickson. Though the exhibit he built closed in 1992, the Dickson Mounds Museum is still grappling with his legacy.

Is It Forensics or Is It Junk Science?

Dubious forensic techniques have spread throughout the criminal justice system for decades. Here’s what ProPublica has learned about junk forensic science techniques and how they proliferate.

Can Community Programs Help Slow the Rise in Violence?

Amid a murder crisis in America, governments are investing millions in local, non-police programs. The violence intervention workers leading them are now under pressure to prove their worth.

ProPublica Names Tony Schick as a Distinguished Fellow

Judge Orders Washington State Private Special Education School to Turn Over Records

A recent Seattle Times and ProPublica investigation of the Northwest School of Innovative Learning found complaints of abuse and minimal instruction. The school argued it wasn’t subject to public records laws. A King County judge disagrees.

Nearly Half of All Sheriffs in Louisiana Are Violating Public Records Laws

The finding builds on earlier reporting, which found records were destroyed in the case of a 16-year-old boy who died while in custody of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The Museum Built on Native American Burial Mounds

For decades, Dickson Mounds Museum in Illinois displayed the open graves of more than 200 Indigenous people. Thirty years after a federal law required museums to begin returning remains, the statewide museum system still holds thousands.

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