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New Jersey Student Loan Agency to Staff: Don’t Tell Borrowers About Help Unless They Ask

It’s yet another obstacle for borrowers from the country’s largest state-based college loan program.
Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World
The Best Reporting on Hillary Clinton Over the Years

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Doctors in Danger: How the Assad Regime is Targeting Syrian Physicians

Podcast: Ben Taub of the New Yorker describes the shadow network of doctors that has emerged out of the Syrian conflict.

The Best Reporting on Tim Kaine Through the Years

Through accountability stories and other in-depth reports, we took a look back at the career of the Virginia senator who Hillary Clinton has picked as her running mate.

How ‘Jupiter’ Prevented a $1 Billion Bank Heist and More in MuckReads Weekly

Some of the best #MuckReads we read this week. Want to receive these by email? Sign up to get this briefing delivered to your inbox every weekend.

SRSLY: The Female Viagra: 0.5 Satisfying Sexual Events Per Month if You Don’t Pass Out

Your three-minute read on the best reporting you probably missed.

Delayed, Denied, Dismissed: Failures on the FOIA Front

On the 50th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act, here are ProPublica reporters’ most frustrating public record failures.

The Secret Documents That Detail How Patients’ Privacy is Breached

A federal agency sends thousands of letters a year to health providers closing out complaints about HIPAA violations. Though the government could make those letters public, it doesn’t. ProPublica has started to do so.

New Report: Problem Care Harms Almost One-Third of Rehab Hospital Patients

Many patients sent to rehab facilities to recover from medical crises or procedures sometimes suffer additional harm from the care itself, a government study concludes.

What’s The Rent? NYC Housing Officials Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development is flouting a rent-reporting requirement for apartments built under the city’s single biggest housing tax break. Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t seem to mind.

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Tens of thousands of people every year are sent to jail based on the results of a $2 roadside drug test. Widespread evidence shows that these tests routinely produce false positives. Why are police departments and prosecutors still using them?

3 Stories in the Series. Latest:

‘No Field Test is Fail Safe’: Meet the Chemist Behind Houston’s Police Drug Kits

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Red Cross

How one of the country’s most venerated charities has failed disaster victims, broken promises and made dubious claims of success.

34 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Senate Bill Would Force Red Cross to Open Books to Outside Oversight

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Machine Bias

We’re investigating algorithmic injustice and the formulas that increasingly influence our lives.

9 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Wisconsin Court: Warning Labels Are Needed for Scores Rating Defendants’ Risk of Future Crime

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The Best Reporting on Hillary Clinton Over the Years

The Best Reporting on Hillary Clinton Over the Years

Hillary Clinton has spent over four decades in the public eye, a journey that has taken her from first lady of Arkansas to front-running Democratic presidential candidate. We have compiled some of the more significant investigative and accountability reports about her career.

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An Unbelievable Story of Rape

An 18-year-old said she was attacked at knifepoint. Then she said she made it up. That’s where our story begins.

6 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Listen to Our Collaboration with ‘This American Life’

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Killing the Colorado

The Colorado River is dying – the victim of legally sanctioned overuse, the relentless forces of urban growth, willful ignorance among policymakers and a misplaced confidence in human ingenuity. ProPublica investigates the policies that are putting this precious resource in peril.

14 Stories in the Series. Latest:

As One of Its Chief Sources of Water Dries Up, California Eases Restrictions on Use Nonetheless

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Hell and High Water

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country. It’s home to the nation’s largest refining and petrochemical complex, where billions of gallons of oil and dangerous chemicals are stored. And it’s a sitting duck for the next big hurricane. Why isn’t Texas ready?

6 Stories in the Series. Latest:

U.S. Rep. Weber Says He’ll Work on Bill to Speed Hurricane Protection Plan

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Reliving Agent Orange

ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot are exploring the effects of the chemical mixture Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans and their families, as well as their fight for benefits.

15 Stories in the Series. Latest:

VA Officials Pledge New Studies Into Effects of Agent Orange

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