ProPublica and Partners Win Three National Press Club Awards

ProPublica and Partners Win Three National Edward R. Murrow Awards

Clean Energy Lender Will Stop Making High-Interest PACE Loans in Missouri

A ProPublica investigation revealed how PACE loans hurt homeowners. Ygrene, one top Missouri lender, said reforms made after our investigation were a factor in its decision to stop making loans in the state.

Mothers Behind Book-Banning Campaign Claim Their First Amendment Rights Are Being Violated

The self-dubbed Mama Bears filed a federal lawsuit alleging that by not being allowed to read sexually explicit material aloud at school board meetings, they themselves are being censored.

ProPublica and The Palm Beach Post Win NABJ Salute to Excellence Award

A Mom’s Campaign to Ban Library Books Divided a Texas Town — and Her Own Family

Weston Brown thought he had fully come to terms with his mother's anti-LGBTQ beliefs. Then he saw the video of her speaking at a school board meeting. “I couldn’t stay quiet about that.”

In the Army, You’re More Likely to Be Detained for Drugs Than Sexual Assault

On average, Army soldiers had to face at least eight counts of sexual offenses before their commanders jailed them ahead of trial.

No Outsiders Need Apply: Why One City Settled for a Police Chief Accused of Harassment

A Massachusetts mayor wanted to look outside for a chief to clean up a “toxic” police department. But a city ordinance forced him to promote from within.

Early Results on DNA Evidence From Decades-Old Rape Cases Are Both Promising and Alarming

Baltimore County police have started testing a backlog of evidence from rape cold cases. Ten of 49 cases processed so far have yielded actionable DNA profiles. In at least one case, the answers came too late.

Twice Accused of Sexual Assault, He Was Let Go by Army Commanders. He Attacked Again.

A first-of-its-kind analysis reveals that soldiers in the Army are more likely to be locked up ahead of trial for drug offenses than for sexual assault under a system that gives commanders control.

How We Tracked Pretrial Confinement Rates in the U.S. Army

Soldiers are more likely to be held before trial for drug charges than for sexual assault, an analysis of court records shows. Here’s how reporters from ProPublica and The Texas Tribune figured it out.

Help ProPublica and The Texas Tribune Report on the Military Justice System

We’re looking into how the military investigates service members accused of crimes, intersects with the civilian justice system and treats cases that do not make it to courts-martial. Guide us to important stories.

Sergio Hernandez and Nathaniel Lash to Join ProPublica as News Applications Developers

What Is Radon? The Radioactive Gas Is Found in Homes Across the Country

Radon, a byproduct of naturally decaying uranium, is estimated to cause thousands of deaths in the United States every year. Here’s how to find out how much radon may be in your home and what you can do.

Help Us Report on Uranium Mining, Milling and Enrichment

Across the country, companies have been handing off uranium mills and disposal sites to the federal government. ProPublica wants to understand the process from all sides.

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