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Data Terms of Use

1) You can’t recreate our data app, or make something that simply puts a different user interface on the data or a subset of the data.

2) You can’t change the data except to update or correct it.

3) You can’t charge people money to look at the data, or sell advertising specifically against it.

4) You can’t sub-license the data to others. You can’t resell the data.

Data By ProPublica5) If you use our data for a printed table, chart, graphic or map, you must cite ProPublica, and link to our interactive feature if you publish online.

6) If you use our data online in a table, graphic or map, you must also include ProPublica’s PixelPing code on your web presentation. More details on our PixelPing page.

7) You acknowledge that the data you use may contain errors and omissions, and you are solely responsible for checking our site for any corrections or updates.


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