In general, you may use the free data published by ProPublica under the following terms. However, there may be different terms included for some data sets. It is your responsibility to read carefully any specific terms included with the data you download or purchase from our website.

  1. You can’t republish the raw data in its entirety, or otherwise distribute the data (in whole or in part) on a stand-alone basis.
  2. You can’t change the data except to update or correct it.
  3. You can’t charge people money to look at the data, or sell advertising specifically against it.
  4. You can’t sub-license or resell the data to others.
  5. If you use the data for publication, you must cite ProPublica.
  6. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data. You acknowledge that the data may contain errors and omissions.
  7. We are not obligated to update the data, but in the event we do, you are solely responsible for checking our site for any updates.

Premium Data

For data sets that are the result of significant expenditures of our time and effort, we charge a reasonable fee. We offer a tiered pricing structure, with reduced rates available for students, researchers, and non-commercial uses. All for-profit entities are required to purchase the data under a commercial use license. You can download our standard terms below.

  • Individual Non-Commercial License (PDF): Buyer can download the data up to three times for six months from the purchase date.
  • Non-Commercial License (PDF): Buyer can download the data up to five times for nine months from the purchase date.
  • Commercial Use License (PDF): Users can download the data an unlimited number of times for one year from the purchase date.

If you have questions about the appropriate license for your organization or use case, please contact Celeste LeCompte ([email protected]).