To Get a Shot at Justice, They Were Forced to Prove Their Disabled Daughter’s Intelligence

To qualify for Florida's NICA program, infants must suffer “substantial” damage to both body and mind. Though her body was broken, Brooklyn Grant’s mother and teachers knew she was smart. This is how they stood their ground — and won.

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In Alaska, Commercial Aviation Is a Lifeline. The State Is Also Home to a Growing Share of Deadly Crashes.

The state’s terrain and infrastructure pose unique challenges. Some say the FAA has been slow to account for the hazards.

The Bureau of Indian Education Hasn’t Told the Public How Its Schools Are Performing. So We Did It Instead.

New data shows Bureau of Indian Education schools do not teach kids fast enough to close an achievement gap that starts in early childhood.

Oregon House Moves to Curb Forest Institute’s Power and Budget

After our investigation found that a tax-funded institute acted as a lobbying arm for the timber industry, Oregon lawmakers passed a bill that would significantly cut the institute’s funding and redirect the money to climate science.

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