421-a Housing Subsidy Compliance Data


This data set includes detailed information on 6,650 properties receiving 421-a benefits as of the city's FY15/16 final roll and the status of their application for a final certificate of eligibility (FCE) to receive such benefits, based on data provided by the New York City Department of Finance and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development under the New York State Freedom of Information Law. The two databases were joined on property identifier data, and contextual and regulatory data was added from additional data sources.

Landlords who collect property tax benefits under the $1.4 billion-a-year 421-a program — the city’s single-largest housing subsidy — are required to provide tenants with rent-stabilized leases. These leases limit rent increases to city-set limits, such as the rent freeze announced in June 2016. Often, the city’s Finance Department gives out the tax benefit without an approved application on file showing that the landlord has met all the requirements of the program, including rent stabilization.

Note: The sample download includes both complete raw data files provided under the NYS FOI Law.

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NYC Dept. of Finance, Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development, Rent Guidelines Board, ProPublica

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March 2016

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