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Ready-to-use data on billions of dollars paid by pharmaceutical companies to medical providers and health care institutions between August 2013 and December 2016. Dollars for Docs, ProPublica's free, online lookup tool, now covers nearly $9.15 billion in medical industry payments made to more than 900,000 physicians in the U.S.

This premium dataset is a downloadable version of the complete database that powers our tool. Based on the federal Open Payments database, the Dollars for Docs data has been cleaned, analyzed, and matched with additional information. The data can be combined with our exclusive NPI-Open Payments ID crosswalk, which enables users to match this information to other provider-level data. Your purchase includes:

  • Documentation outlining our methodology, data sources, caveats for using the data, and a data dictionary for each of the included tables.
  • A summary for each provider in the database, including their specialty, contact information, and aggregated payment information (number of payments received, total monetary value of payments received, and number of companies from which payments were received).
  • A ready-to-use version of the federal Open Payments data, for which we have cleaned company names, drug names, and device names. We have standardized how each company, drug, and device is listed, and eliminated duplicates (meaning if a product was listed as both a drug and device, we figured out which was correct).
  • An analysis-ready version of the payments file, with each drug or device associated with a payment represented on its own line. Open Payments records sometimes include multiple drugs and/or devices associated with each payment. (Each drug or device is assigned the full value of the payment.) Our flattened file makes it easier to compare spending associated with different drugs.
  • Optional add-on: The NPI-Open Payments crosswalk, which matches providers Open Payment IDs to their National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. To request student or journalist discount pricing for the crosswalk, contact us.

Custom data segments are also available, with selections based on information such as provider specialty, location, NPI number, or hospital affiliation, as well as drug, device, and/or manufacturer. Submit a request here, being sure to include any information about your specific needs.


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