House Office Expenditure Data

Members of the House of Representatives get an annual budget for their Washington and district offices, but how they spend it is up to them. Lawmakers are required to report the recipients of their office spending; this data details the official spending done by the House of Representatives, including lawmakers’ offices, committee offices and administrative offices. 

Each quarter we release two CSV files: a summary file listing the office and total amount in one of a number of broad categories and a detail file listing individual recipients and amounts. The data is updated four times a year. You can download individual quarterly data on Represent

Download all available data from July 2009 through March 2018, complete the form on this page. 

Data dictionary

Summary files

BIOGUIDE_ID – the official ID of members of the House
OFFICE – the name of the House office
YEAR – the calendar year
QUARTER – the quarter of the year
CATEGORY – broad description of spending
YTD – year to date amount spent by office in that category 
AMOUNT – amount spent by office in that category in quarter

Detail files


PAYEE – name of recipient
PURPOSE – specific purpose of spending
DATE -  date of payment (optional)
START DATE – beginning of period which payment covers
END DATE – end of period which payment covers
TRANSCODE – House transaction code
TRANSCODELONG – description of House transaction code
RECORDID – House record number
RECIP (orig.) - original (non standardized) recipient


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