Trump Administration Political Appointees

Trump Town is a database of Trump administration political appointees, cabinet members and White House staffers. We created it by requesting staffing lists from individual agencies and the Office of Personnel Management. We then used those staff lists to request financial disclosure documents from the Office of Government Ethics and individual agencies. We parsed those financial disclosures to create a relational database that includes tables for organizations (former employers) and agencies, in addition to staffers. We also cross-referenced staffer names from our Represent lobbying database, and reviewed those names to verify that the people match.

The database contains 14 tables: five created by ProPublica, as well as nine tables from financial disclosure documents, scraped and cleaned into usable data. The tables are available in the download both as 14 individual CSVs with primary and foreign keys, and a single SQL dump file containing the 14 tables. Complete documentation is included in the download and contains important information about how to use the data accurately.

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You may not redistribute the entire dataset or use the data to create an online version of the database.


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