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Morning Cup of Stimulus: Illegal Immigrants?

This is the latest from our new Stimulus blog.

President Obama shakes hands with a newly-sworn in Columbus Police Department officer during graduation ceremonies in Columbus, Ohio, on March 6, 2009. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)As many as 300,000 illegal immigrants could end up with stimulus jobs, reports the USA Today. South Florida cities have hired lobbyists to make their pitches for stimulus money. And Atlanta area officials released their list of "shovel-ready" road projects.

Police were on the radar over the weekend after President Obama's visit Friday to Columbus, Ohio, where he highlighted how some of the $2 billion for law enforcement assistance helped save the jobs of 25 police recruits who were going to be laid off. According to the White House, the stimulus will allow San Francisco to increase police patrols in high-crime areas; Bowling Green, Ky., to upgrade radio equipment; and Butler County, Pa., to construct a secure entrance to transport prisoners into the courthouse. See how much money your city is getting.

Project of the day: Sprinklers in the Olympian Apartments in Olympia, Wash., where a fire killed an elderly woman in 2004.

The number of illegal immigrant in the country is continuously increasing, thus it may give a huge impact to the economy. Nonetheless, the Maryland MVA is in a spot of hot water.  The Maryland MVA, or Motor Vehicle Administration, has been victims, or tacit conspirators, in numerous cases of fraud.  The MVA has had the whistle blown on them for giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants with foreign documents, or false documents of residency, and some of the perpetrators have been slapped on the wrists with fines.  One such instance was a woman who provided residency documents with an address she had never been to, where she wasn’t employed, hadn’t even seen – and they gave her a driver’s license.  The Maryland MVA should be advised to do whatever they can to repair credit with the public.