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Killing the Colorado

The river that sustains 40 million Americans is dying — and man, not nature, is to blame.

Holy Crop

Government's damaging choice to back cotton in the desert

Explore the River

Tour America's seven-state, 1,450-mile plumbing system

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Behavior of Military Lawyer in Boondoggle HQ Inquiry Under Scrutiny
Behind the Scenes of Your Mani-Pedi
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Has Your Health Professional Received Drug Company Money?

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Cuomo Reverses Email Purge Policy

Following outcry, aides to the New York governor announced that emails will no longer be automatically deleted after 90 days.

‘Kiss Everybody’: Parents’ Voicemails Preserve Their Memory in Death

Reporter marvels how the things he cherishes most about his parents aren’t those that he would have ever imagined.

Cruise Control

Your one-stop shop for health and safety data on cruise ships

Congress to Consider Scaling Down Group Homes for Troubled Children

At a hearing in Washington, a renewed call for addressing the violence and neglect that plagues group homes for foster youth.

Hacked Sony Emails Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Political Dealings in L.A.

A Los Angeles politician cast a critical 'yes' vote months after the chief executive of Sony Pictures arranged a $25,000 corporate contribution to a super PAC.

Boondoggle HQ

The $25 Million Building in Afghanistan Nobody Needed

Overuse, Safety Questions Cloud Advair’s Ascent to Asthma Blockbuster

Millions of Americans use GlaxoSmithKline's purple inhaler. But whether Advair poses a higher risk of asthma-related death remains uncertain 15 years after regulators approved the drug.

Reporting on the NSA Before It Was Cool

Podcast: Patrick Radden Keefe of The New Yorker talks about his pre-Snowden muckraking and the art of weaving new nuggets and in-depth reporting for a can’t-miss narrative.

Money as a Weapons System

How U.S. commanders spent $2 billion of petty cash in Afghanistan

Juror and Former Officer Raise Doubt About Patz Prosecution

On a question that worried a juror in the Etan Patz murder case, a former cop offers his view.

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Insult to Injury

Driven by big business and insurers, states nationwide are dismantling workers’ compensation, slashing benefits to injured workers and making it more difficult for them to get care. Meanwhile employers are paying the lowest rates for workers’ comp insurance since the 1970s.

13 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Injured Worker in ProPublica/NPR Story Testifies Before Illinois Legislature

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Congress to Consider Scaling Down Group Homes for Troubled Children

Congress to Consider Scaling Down Group Homes for Troubled Children

At a hearing in Washington, a renewed call for addressing the violence and neglect that plagues group homes for foster youth.

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Losing Ground

Scientists say one of the greatest environmental and economic disasters in the nation’s history—the rapid land loss occurring in the Mississippi Delta—is rushing toward a catastrophic conclusion. ProPublica and The Lens explore why it’s happening and what we’ll all lose if nothing is done to stop it.

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Reporting From the Youngest Land in the World

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Red Cross

After Superstorm Sandy, Americans opened their wallets to the Red Cross. They trusted the charity and believed it was up to the job. They were wrong.

14 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Red Cross Demands Corrections to Our 'Misleading' Coverage. Here's Our Response

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Fed Tapes

A confidential report and a fired examiner’s hidden recorder penetrate the cloistered world of Wall Street’s top regulator — and its history of deference to some of the country’s biggest banks.

17 Stories in the Series. Latest:

What We Still Don’t Know About the Fed’s Leak Investigation

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Firestone and the Warlord

In the first detailed examination of the relationship between Firestone and Liberian warlord Charles Taylor, this ProPublica/Frontline investigation lays bare the role of a global corporation in a brutal African conflict.

14 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Unsolved Killing of American Nuns in Liberia an Open Case Again

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The way lenders and collectors pursue consumer debt has undergone an aggressive transformation in America. Collectors today don’t give up easy, often pursuing debts for years. It’s now routine for companies to sue debtors, then seize their wages or the cash in their bank accounts. For many people, these changes have profoundly affected their lives.

13 Stories in the Series. Latest:

Senator to Hospitals: Stop Suing Poor Patients

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