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Patient Safety Journal Adjusts After an Eye-Opening Scandal

Kickback allegations against its former editor prompted the Journal of Patient Safety to review his writings and adopt new standards for disclosing commercial conflicts of interest.
Now What? Failed Allergan Deal Strains Valeant
Firestone and the Warlord

Firestone and the Warlord

Editor’s Note: For Firestone and Liberia, A Secret History Unearthed

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Gov’t Data Sharpens Focus on Crude-Oil Train Routes

A ProPublica analysis of federal government data adds new details to what's known about the routes taken by trains carrying crude oil. Local governments are often unaware of the potential dangers they face.

Confession Ruled Admissible in Etan Patz Case

Pedro Hernandez's attorneys had argued that his interrogation was handled improperly and that he did not have the mental capacity to waive his rights against self-incrimination.

Podcast: Firestone’s Secret History in Liberia

Senior reporter T. Christian Miller talks about the ProPublica and PBS Frontline investigation.

‘That Wasn’t A Piece Of Meat … That Was My Son’ And More In MuckReads Weekly

‘That wasn’t a piece of meat … that was my son’ and more In #MuckReads weekly

New York Fed Chief Stands Firm Against Charges of Weak Oversight

Bank President William Dudley said supervision is stronger than ever, but Democratic senators were unconvinced: "You need to fix it, Mr. Dudley, or we need to get someone who will."

The Two Things That Rarely Happen After a Medical Mistake

Patients seldom are told or get an apology when they are harmed during medical care, according to a new study based on results from ProPublica's Patient Harm Questionnaire.

Federal Reserve Announces Sweeping Review of Its Big Bank Oversight

Ahead of Senate hearing on regulatory capture, the Federal Reserve Board wants to look at whether the views of examiners are being heard by higher-ups.

Charter School Chain Finally Discloses Salaries — With One Missing

It's the latest round in a fight between North Carolina regulators and a charter-school power broker who has tried to keep the financial details of his companies secret.

Discussion Transcript: Firestone and the Warlord

An archive of our post-film discussion of Firestone and the Warlord

Mixed Company: Sights and Sounds of Liberians and the Impact of War

Videos on the legacy left by Firestone on everyday Liberians.

How to Ask Programming Questions

A guide to getting your programming questions answered on the Internet.

Talk To Us About Our Firestone Investigation on WhatsApp

Subscribe to ProPublica on WhatsApp to get updates, share experiences, or ask questions about our Firestone investigation.

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Internal Survey Shows the Red Cross' Own Employees Doubt the Charity's Ethics

Internal Survey Shows the Red Cross' Own Employees Doubt the Charity's Ethics

Survey results obtained by ProPublica also show a crisis of trust in the charity's senior leadership.

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The way lenders and collectors pursue consumer debt has undergone an aggressive transformation in America. Collectors today don’t give up easy, often pursuing debts for years. It’s now routine for companies to sue debtors, then seize their wages or the cash in their bank accounts. For many people, these changes have profoundly affected their lives.

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Company That Sues Soldiers Pledges Reform, Changes Name

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Dispatches from Freedom Summer

In 1964, whites and blacks joined to, as some put it, drag Mississippi back into the United States. Violence erupted. Lives were lost. But change was wrought, too.

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Keep on Pushing

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ProPublica investigates the threats to privacy in an era of cellphones, data mining and cyberwar, including how citizens are digitally tracked by governments and corporations.

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NSA Documents Suggest a Close Working Relationship Between NSA, U.S. Companies

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Temp Land

Temp employment is climbing to record levels following the Great Recession. The system benefits brand-name companies but harms American workers through lost wages, high injury rates, few if any benefits, and little opportunity for advancement.

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California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Temp Workers

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