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What Happens When Prosecutors Offer Opposing Versions of the Truth?

An unusual recent court decision offered harsh criticism of a behavior that has left dozens of men condemned to death since the 1970s, spotlighting cases where prosecutors offered claims that contradicted what they said elsewhere.

Black Boxes

NYPD Will Stop Withholding Body-Camera Footage of Police Shootings From Civilian Investigators

After questions from ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, the New York Police Department pledged to end its practice of not sharing videos in ongoing investigations with the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Mayor, Judge and Jury

Mayors Are Presiding Over Their Town Courts Despite Guidance Saying They Shouldn’t. A Lawmaker Calls for Reform.

We found more than a dozen places in Louisiana where the mayor sat on the bench of a court that pulled in a sizable share of the town’s revenue. The state says this arrangement could be unfair to defendants.

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What Happens When Prosecutors Offer Opposing Versions of the Truth?

Police Say They Won’t Reopen Case of Alaska Woman Found Dead on Mayor’s Property

21 Bodycam Videos Caught the NYPD Wrongly Arresting Black Kids on Halloween. Why Can’t the Public See the Footage?

How Chicago Became an Unlikely Leader in Body-Camera Transparency

DOJ Blasts Law Enforcement’s Uvalde Shooting Response in New Report, Calls for Agencies to Prioritize Training

Illinois Judge Closes Juvenile Detention Center After “Facility in Crisis” Fails to Meet New State Standards

They Were Wrongfully Convicted. Now They’re Denied Compensation Despite Michigan Law.

When Alabama Police Kill, Surviving Family Can Fight Years to See Bodycam Footage. There’s No Guarantee They Will.

NYPD Will Stop Withholding Body-Camera Footage of Police Shootings From Civilian Investigators

Body Cameras Were Sold as a Tool of Police Reform. Ten Years Later, Most of the Footage Is Kept From Public View.

Mujeres de Utah intentaron denunciar agresiones sexuales a la policía. Dicen que enfrentaron retrasos y barreras lingüísticas.

Utah Women Tried to Report Sexual Assaults to Police. They Say They Faced Delays and Language Barriers.

Mayors Are Presiding Over Their Town Courts Despite Guidance Saying They Shouldn’t. A Lawmaker Calls for Reform.

Knoxville’s Juvenile Detention Center Says Hundreds of Seclusions Were “Voluntary.” Some Kids Don’t See It That Way.

How Police Have Undermined the Promise of Body Cameras

A Retired Detective Says He’s Too Sick to Testify at Murder Trials. Now Those Cases Are Falling Apart.

Louisiana Sheriff’s Department Settles Two Use-of-Force Cases, Including One in Which an Autistic Teen Died

Listen to All Episodes of “The Kids of Rutherford County”

This Youth Detention Center Superintendent Illegally Locks Kids Alone in Cells. No One Has Forced Him to Stop.

One Woman Died on an Alaska Mayor’s Property. Then Another. No One Has Ever Been Charged.

Inside Illinois’ Youth Lockups, Children Go Without Basic Services and Face “Excessive” Punishments

The Supreme Court Will Decide if Domestic Abuse Orders Can Bar People From Having Guns. Lives Could Be at Stake.

Secrecy Shields Powerful Adults in Our Juvenile Justice Systems. Kids Showed Me What’s Really Happening.

The Mississippi Supreme Court Moved to Ensure Poor Criminal Defendants Would Always Have a Lawyer. It’s Not Working.

Columbia University Deals With Revelations About Its Decadeslong Failure to Stop a Predator

Police Resistance and Politics Undercut the Authority of Prosecutors Trying to Reform the Justice System

A Detective Sabotaged His Own Cases Because He Didn’t Like the Prosecutor. The Police Department Did Nothing to Stop Him.

Louisiana Supreme Court Ruling Overturns Reform Law Intended to Fix “Three-Strikes” Sentences

Decades-Old Trove of DNA Evidence, Collected by a Maryland Doctor, Leads to a Serial Rape Arrest

5 Documents That Helped Us Understand How Columbia Protected a Predator

Mississippi Courts Won’t Say How They Provide Lawyers for Poor Clients

How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

He Fled a Traffic Stop in Louisiana. Now He’s in Prison for Life.

The NYPD Denied Our Request for Body Camera Footage of a “Friendly Fire” Killing. Here’s How We Got It Anyway.

A Chicago Cop Is Accused of Lying Under Oath 44 Times. Now Prosecutors Are Dropping Cases That Relied on His Testimony.

NYPD “Friendly Fire” Killed an Officer. Investigators Seemed to Ignore Video of Police Being Commanded to “Stop Shooting.”

This Cop Got Out of 44 Tickets by Saying Over and Over That His Girlfriend Stole His Car

Feds Say Jefferson Parish Deputies May Have Violated Law in Death of Autistic Teen

ProPublica Partner Sues Mississippi County for Blocking Access to Search Warrants

Video Showed an Officer Trying to Stop His Partner From Killing a Man. Now We Know Police Investigators Never Even Asked About the Footage.

Colorado Lawmakers Mandate Audit of Halfway Houses Following ProPublica Investigation

This Pharmacist Said Prisoners Wouldn’t Feel Pain During Lethal Injection. Then Some Shook and Gasped for Air.

Tennessee’s Governor Calls for Expanding a Gun Dispossession System Already Failing Domestic Violence Victims

This Man’s Conviction Was Overturned After Two Years in Prison. But the City Said He Didn’t Deserve a Dime.

Roadside Drug Tests Used to Convict People Aren’t Particularly Accurate. Courts Are Beginning to Prevent Their Use.

Fiscales de Nueva York ignoraron evidencia contaminada utilizada durante años contra conductores hispanohablantes

New York Prosecutors Ignored Tainted Evidence Used Against Spanish-Speaking Drivers for Years

Another Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Punching Handcuffed Man

Some Are Jailed in Mississippi for Months Without a Lawyer. The State Supreme Court Just Barred That.

The Army Increasingly Allows Soldiers Charged With Violent Crimes to Leave the Military Rather Than Face Trial