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Michael Grabell

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Michael Grabell covers economic and labor issues for ProPublica. He has produced stories for the New York Times, USA Today, NPR and the CBS Evening News. His investigative work has included stories on the TSA, the Lance Armstrong doping allegations, chemicals stored near schools and neighborhoods, and a bus fire that killed 23 nursing home patients. Before joining ProPublica, Grabell was a reporter at The Dallas Morning News. He is the author of "Money Well Spent?," a book about President Obama’s stimulus package and his efforts to revive the economy from the Great Recession.

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The Stimulus ‘Loser’ List Loses Some Members

Some companies were wrongly accused of failing to file reports on their stimulus awards.

New Investigations of Stimulus Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Gov’t Wrongly Labels Some Stimulus Recipients ‘Losers’

The government has listed as "two-time losers" stimulus recipients who didn't file reports. But some of the listed "losers" did file the reports.

Court Upholds Release of Corporate Jets List Sought by ProPublica

A business aviation group loses its bid to seal a list of companies whose private flights are kept secret.

Our New List of Stimulus Investigations

The cost of waste, fraud and abuse in the stimulus has been hard to pin down.

DHS Asked to Investigate Air Marshal Allegations

A congressman calls for an independent inquiry into reports of discrimination within the Federal Air Marshal Service.

Air Marshals Dogged by Discrimination Complaints in Field Offices

As the administration looks to tighten air security, discrimination charges may distract federal air marshals from their work.

When Do You Ban a Stimulus Contractor?

About $24 million in stimulus contracts have gone to companies associated with a road contractor now on trial in Kentucky, accused of bribing the state’s previous transportation secretary to get a leg up on contracts.

White House Changes Stimulus Jobs Count

The White House has revised how it's going to count stimulus jobs, jettisoning a cumulative tally and expanding the definition of what counts as a "job."

Thousands of Stimulus Reports Missing, Resulting in Potential Undercount of Jobs Created

Are the Criticisms of the Gov’s Stimulus Site Legit?

Mistakes in information have brought a public lashing upon, but comparatively speaking, the error rate isn't that bad.

ProPublica’s FAQ for

Some tips for navigating to the information you are looking for on the government's stimulus Web site.

Stimulus for Cotton Candy, Tango and a Fish Orchestra? Wacky, or Actually Worthy?

Coburn Questions Stimulus Contracts to Suspended Contractors

An Oklahoma senator says companies that are under investigation should not keep getting stimulus money.

Stimulus Contracts Go to Companies Under Criminal Investigation

Investigators say companies that got preference as small businesses were actually part of a much larger enterprise.

We Made’s New Stimulus Data Easier to Download

The government's stimulus reports are unwieldy to handle, and difficult to assess.

Desperate Scene in Detroit as Stimulus Comes to Crossroads

Fights and threats punctuate a gathering of 35,000 people looking for help with mortgage and utility bills.

Stimulus Transportation Spending Lags Predictions

Transportation projects are seen as an important source of jobs from the stimulus, but the flow of money is slow.

How Green Was My Stimulus?

Other countries are outdoing the United States when it comes to spending on projects that help the environment.

Stimulus Gets Mixed Reviews in Newest GAO Report

Recovery spending is ahead of schedule, but not all programs have been running smoothly.
Michael Grabell

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