Journalism in the Public Interest


Stephen Suen

Stephen was the Google Journalism Fellow at ProPublica while a student of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. As online media editor of the student newspaper The Tech, he oversaw its interactives and social media departments. He was previously a research intern at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the MIT Center for Civic Media.


Why Develop in the Newsroom?

If you’re a software developer looking to make more of a social impact with your talents, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for you to break into the field of journalism! But what’s it like?

Has the Gov’t Lied on Snooping? Let’s Go to the Videotape

Since Edward Snowden leaked documents detailing the NSA's surveillance programs, the Director of National Intelligence acknowledged that part of his congressional testimony was "erroneous." But that's not the only questionable comment by administration officials.

Tracking Intern Lawsuits

The complaints against Condé Nast, Warner Music and Gawker Media are the latest in a rising tide of lawsuits brought by unpaid interns, many of which are still in progress.