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Behold the TARP Map!

 Where is all that bailout money going? We’ve been keeping a running tally of the institutions receiving funds from the Treasury Department (as of right now, at least $241.84 billion has been committed). And now you can see where those companies are headquartered:

Each marker represents a financial institution (so far, it’s AIG and 124 banks), and the size of that marker represents the government’s investment. Here is a full-size version of the map.

As you can see, so far the bailout participants are mainly bunched in the coastal states, with Ohio and Indiana the notable exceptions.

We’ll continue to update our complete tally and map as institutions announce their participation. You can track those additions with our special RSS bailout feed. We also have a bailout watch widget that can be embedded on your site or blog.

TARP has been a long time issue in the country. Treasury department are truly determined to pursue this bailout plan to hold back the economy from drowning inot the hole of recession. From your payday loan source: A lot of Senators were angry with the way that the first $350 billion was handled. The Treasury didn’t keep track of what the money was spent on after they gave it to financial institutions. But the fed took taxpayer money and wasn’t transparent about what it was being spent on. The Congress agreed to release the remainder of the TARP funds to Barack Obama before he was even in office. Barack Obama promises he will use the remainder of the funds in a “new and responsible way.” Let’s hope so. To read more on the bailout money visit your payday loan source.

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