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The Efforts to Keep Industry in Check

Impact of Our Reporting

Minnesota AG Sues Contract-for-Deed Seller Who Allegedly Targeted Muslim Community

The complaint, which alleges violations of lending law and religious discrimination, follows a ProPublica and Sahan Journal investigation.

The Secret IRS Files

Sports Team Owners Face New Scrutiny From IRS Over Tax Avoidance

A new campaign by the tax agency comes after ProPublica revealed how billionaires generate what can be hundreds of millions in tax savings by purchasing professional sports teams.

EPA Proposes Ban on Pesticide Widely Used on Fruits and Vegetables

The ban on acephate comes a week after a ProPublica investigation highlighted the EPA’s controversial finding that the bug killer doesn’t harm the developing brains of children.


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Minnesota AG Sues Contract-for-Deed Seller Who Allegedly Targeted Muslim Community

Sports Team Owners Face New Scrutiny From IRS Over Tax Avoidance

EPA Proposes Ban on Pesticide Widely Used on Fruits and Vegetables

FDA Moves to Scrutinize Specialized Health Screenings

Oil Companies Must Set Aside More Money to Plug Wells, a New Rule Says. But It Won’t Be Enough.

I Got Mailers Promoting Toddler Milk for My Children. I Went on to Investigate International Formula Marketing.

After CPAP Recall, Philips Must Institute New Safeguards in Agreement With U.S. Justice Department

What You Should Know About “Toddler Milk” and How It’s Marketed to Parents

Chevron Will Pay Record Fines for Oil Spills in California

Documents Show Internal Clash Before U.S. Officials Pushed to Weaken Toddler Formula Rules

What’s Missing From Railroad Safety Data? Dead Workers and Severed Limbs.

The Rising Cost of the Oil Industry’s Slow Death

After Seeing Controversial Contract-for-Deed Home Sales Affect Constituents, Minnesota Lawmakers Propose Reforms

FDA Repeatedly Rejected Safety Claims Made by Philips After the CPAP Recall but Waited to Alert the Public, Emails Show

The Oregon Timber Industry Won Huge Tax Cuts in the 1990s. Now It May Get Another Break Thanks to a Top Lawmaker.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Reform Controversial Contract-for-Deed Home Sales

Indiana Lawmakers Trying to Kill Historic Suit Seeking Gun Industry Accountability

Amid Recall Crisis, Philips Agrees to Stop Selling Sleep Apnea Machines in the United States

How Georgia’s Small Power Companies Endanger Their Most Vulnerable Customers

“We Buy Ugly Houses” Company Overhauls Policies in the Wake of ProPublica Investigation

FTC Orders Maker of TurboTax to Cease “Deceptive” Advertising

FEMA Leader Overseeing $4 Billion Fund to Pay Victims of New Mexico Wildfire Steps Down

Philips Recalled Breathing Machines in 2021. Chemicals of “Concern” Found in Replacement Machines Raised New Alarm.

DTE Energy Facing Oversight of “Hardship-Inducing” Debt Collection Practices

Los Angeles Orders More Residential Hotels to Stop Renting to Tourists

“Unacceptable”: Senators Call on GAO to Probe FDA’s Oversight of Medical Devices, Citing Series on Philips CPAP Recall

Inside the Notorious Gun Shop Linked to Hundreds of Chicago Guns

Millions of People Used Tainted Breathing Machines. The FDA Failed to Use Its Power to Protect Them.

Senators Question KPMG Role in Microsoft Profit-Shifting Scheme

A Top Mutual Fund Executive Made Millions for Himself Trading the Same Stocks His Giant Fund Was Trading

ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer Gets Email Alerts and Other Major Improvements

Union Pacific Fired Him Rather Than Heed His Warnings of Dangerous Rail Conditions

DOJ Backs Tenants in Case Alleging Price-Fixing by Big Landlords and a Real Estate Tech Company

“Do Your Job.” How the Railroad Industry Intimidates Employees Into Putting Speed Before Safety

U.S. Senator Expands Call for Crackdown on Philips Respironics

Virginia Law Allows the Papers of University Presidents to Stay Secret, Limiting Public Oversight

LA Housing Department Proposes Increasing Residential Hotel Enforcement

“A Setup for Disaster”: California Legislation Requiring Companies to Pay for Oil and Gas Well Cleanup in Limbo

Philips Kept Complaints About Dangerous Breathing Machines Secret While Company Profits Soared

Wall Street Bet Big on Used-Car Loans for Years. Now a Crisis May Be Looming.

Regulators Blast Union Pacific for Running Unsafe Trains

Wealthy Family Wants to Reopen Major Industrial Polluter in Alabama Despite Mounting Debts and Proposed Regulation

How the Ultrawealthy Use Private Foundations to Bank Millions in Tax Deductions While Giving the Public Little in Return

“At What Point Does Profit Trump Safety?” Ex-National Cyber Director Presses Software Regulation Amid High-Profile Hacks

How Recent State Laws Are Making It Harder to Sue Trucking Companies After Crashes

Checked Out: How LA Failed to Stop Landlords From Turning Low-Cost Housing Into Tourist Hotels

HomeVestors Said It Had Kicked Out a Top Franchisee Who Broke the Law. New Evidence Suggests It Didn’t.

DOT Researchers Suggested a Way to Make Big Trucks Safer. After Meeting With Lobbyists, Agency Officials Rejected the Idea.

The Biotech Edge: How Executives and Well-Connected Investors Make Exquisitely Timed Trades in Health Care Stocks

Senators, Regulator Call for More Scrutiny of “We Buy Ugly Houses” Company