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Four More Members of the State Stimulus Transparency List

 Updated: A couple late breakers, Tennessee and New Mexico, have joined the list, too.

Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia and the District of Columbia joined our roster of state stimulus Web sites today. Check out Arkansas: Like most states, they let us know how much money their programs and projects are in line to receive. But they take it a step further, telling you who to call if you've got questions about a given program and where, exactly, the money's coming from. If a certain program catches your eye, you can even sign up for e-mail alerts when the site's updated.

Also, the city of Baltimore took on stimulus transparency (PDF) with its own Web site earlier this week (Maryland has one, too).

Here’s the full, updated list.

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Eye on the Stimulus

Eye on the Stimulus

Officials have struggled to spend the nearly $800 billion stimulus package quickly and effectively.

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