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Video: Clarence Aaron on PBS Frontline’s ‘Snitch’

The case of Clarence Aaron gained national attention in 1999 when he appeared in "Snitch," a PBS "Frontline" documentary about prisoners serving long sentences after refusing to turn informant. The film helped him garner support in Congress and from civil rights organizations. Below are clips from the documentary. | Related story »


I believe the united states has a way of locking people up its new wave slavery. The goverment is hurting the united states more than a 3rd world country. The federal goverment is to lock peple away and they don’t care weather you are dumb,deaf ,criple. They don’t care at the end of the day your just a pay check.

iwe feel your pain.we are the most incarcerated country in the world for drug offenses.our son didnt snitch and got 7 and a half for a 1st time drug offence/conspericy.the feds threaten you with lenghty sentences because they can and do.people that snitch get very little time.there doesnt even half to be drug evidence for a conspericy case,just a co- operative witness making things up to get themselves a lighter sentence.happens every day in this country.the informant can say litterally anything for a drug amount and that can be used in against someone in a drug case.thats what a punishment is based on,B.S.your right its just a paycheck for BOP.

colleen porter

May 16, 2012, 11:50 p.m.

The War on Drugs is truly a war on the American people - the majority being blacks and other minorities. This so-called war has chipped away at our Constitutional Rights and made a mockery of liberty. It is by far the most unjust war in the history of the United States and Clarence Aaron received one of the most unjust sentences. I pray for his immediate release and for those others caught up in the same shameful scheme.

There is this thing called choice.  And there is no thing called a non- violent drug transaction which I have read that this guy engaged in.  The drug trade is a very violent enterprise. As far this guy, and many like him, who states locking people in jail is a form of slavery- well, freedom is not free. We must make choices that depict responsibility. And this code of not snitching is so stupid and ridiculous that anyone willing to go to court without giving up their co-conspirator should do all the time given to them.  That’s choice.  Total freedom.

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