Nine Takeaways From Our Investigation Into 3M’s Forever Chemicals

What you need to know about the inside story of how the company allowed PFOS to seep into all of us while sitting on research that showed the chemical is toxic.

ProPublica Wins Pulitzer Prize for Supreme Court Coverage

The award marks ProPublica’s 7th Pulitzer; Uvalde shooting investigation is named a Pulitzer finalist.

Senate Veterans’ Affairs Chair Calls for More Mental Health Care Providers in Rural Areas

Citing ProPublica’s reporting on the barriers faced by veterans in crisis, Sen. Jon Tester asked VA Secretary Denis McDonough to increase the number of providers and ensure they are “in locations where veterans need them most.”

Listen to the “Timber Wars Season 2: Salmon Wars” Podcast

“Salmon Wars,” produced by ProPublica and OPB, tells the story of one Yakama Nation family who has spent generations fighting for salmon. The series uncovers who is to blame for the fish vanishing and why their disappearance affects all of us.

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