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Minhee is ProPublica’s first Communications Manager. She joined the staff in January 2011 after holding two post-graduate internships at Coburn Communications, a boutique PR firm in Times Square, and the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) with over 40 chapters across the country. She graduated in May 2010 with a dual degree in public relations and policy studies from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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ProPublica Wins Two SEJ Awards

ProPublica Education Data Conference Call and Transcript

ProPublica’s Sharona Coutts, Jennifer LaFleur and Al Shaw discuss how you can use our ”Opportunity Gap” data to report on the quality of education in your area.

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ProPublica’s Amanda Michel Among Top New Media Innovators

ProPublica Projects Nominated for 2011 Emmy Awards

Podcast: A.C. Thompson Details ‘The Hardest Cases’

Child abuse and death cases can be particularly difficult to solve. Everyone wants to make sure justice is served, but when emotions run high and evidence can be misleading, innocent people sometimes end up behind bars for the most heinous of crimes.

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LISTEN: A.C. Thompson on ‘The Hardest Cases’

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A.C. Thompson Wins 2011 I.F. Stone Medal

WATCH: Joaquin Sapien on the Dangers of Formaldehyde

Podcast: Susan White on Editing and Working at ProPublica

Senior editor Susan White shares some parting thoughts on ProPublica and the editing process before she leaves to move back to California.

LISTEN: Sebastian Rotella on ‘Pakistan’s Link With Terrorists’

Podcast: Richard Tofel on the Future of News

From paywalls to online-only content, the news industry is evolving at an incredible pace. But where does ProPublica fall into the mix? And what exactly is a 'story with moral force'? ProPublica General Manager Richard Tofel explains it all in this week's podcast.

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WATCH: Tracy Weber on AC360 discussing Schwarzenegger’s past misconduct

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Podcast: Influencing Physicians, One Ad at a Time

Drug and device makers spend millions of dollars in advertising at medical conferences each year. But do ads necessarily lead to influence? And how does this affect the quality of care?

LISTEN: Charlie Ornstein & Tracy Weber on ‘The Influence of Medical Device Makers’

LISTEN: Abrahm Lustgarten on New Fracking Study with Here & Now

Minhee Cho

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