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Reminder: Dollars for Docs Conference Call Happening This Afternoon

Update: About 50 news organizations have already signed up to participate in today's conference call.

In a conference call this Thursday, my reporting partner, Tracy Weber, and I will explain how you can use our new Dollars for Docs database for your reporting. We’ll walk you through what details about payments to doctors the pharmaceutical companies are and are not disclosing. We will also explain how you can check a doctor's credentials, and find out if the doctor has been disciplined by a state medical board or received a warning letter from FDA. (As we reported, hundreds of doctors are on company payrolls who had been accused of professional misconduct, were disciplined by state boards, or lacked credentials as researchers or specialists.)

The call is set for today at 3p.m. EST.

Does the databasee allow me to search for specific drugs that physicians are promoting?

Have reporters considered using the American Medical Student Association Pharm-Free Scorecard in their investigations into whether local doctors are adhering to local institutional policies?