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Christopher Flavelle

Christopher Flavelle was an intern at ProPublica. He has written for Newsweek, Slate and The Washington Post, and produced videos for The New York Times' Web site. He is also a contributing writer for The Big Money, Slate's new business and economics site. Before studying at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Christopher was chief speechwriter to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and an assistant editor at The Walrus magazine in Toronto. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University.

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Ed. Dep’t Watchdog: Stimulus Dollars For Schools Miss The Mark

A report from the inspector general says that money intended for reform is being used by some states to reduce their own spending on schools.

Treasury and NASA Loosen Their Purse Strings

Stimulus spending takes a $4.5 billion step forward, including a splurge by the Treasury Department.

Chart: Tracking Gitmo Detainees’ Days in Court

A look at the the judges' latest rulings on Guantanamo prisoners' challenges of their detention.

To Track Stimulus, A New Version of

The government revamps its stimulus Web site, but there is still grumbling from some who use it.

Direct Stimulus Spending Hits $100 Billion Milestone

The outlay from spending and tax relief combined is now more than 20 percent of the total stimulus package.

Stimulus Gets Mixed Reviews in Newest GAO Report

Recovery spending is ahead of schedule, but not all programs have been running smoothly.

At Current Pace, Stimulus Won’t be Fully Tapped For Another Two Years

Stimulus spending over the last week has averaged about $570 million a day.

New Demands for Release of Contract Info

The government blacked out many details from a contract for its stimulus Web site, bringing appeals to see more.

Federal Numbers Show Leaders—and Laggards—in Committing Stimulus Dollars

Combining money spent and tax cuts, the stimulus has now put $157 billion into play.

Stimulus Spending Slowed During Summer

About $1 billion a day is going out the door, and gun manufacturers are getting their share.

Has the Stimulus Really Created or Saved One Million Jobs?

The president's Council of Economic Advisers warns that its own employment numbers are far from certain.

StimCities Update: Biden’s Account Clashes with Reality on Ground

From casinos to shelters, the recession continues to have a broad impact.

For One Federal Agency, Stimulus Transparency Has Its Limits

The Administration for Children and Families is in no hurry to provide information about its programs.

Just Shy of 20 Percent of Stimulus Spent So Far

Some federal agencies remain far behind in spending the stimulus money appropriated for them.

Despite Stimulus Dollars, School Resumes With Ranks of Teachers Much Reduced

A fall in tax revenue brings big layoffs in many school districts.

States Ignoring Stimulus Welfare Fund

New York back-to-school program goes from lauded to lampooned.

Biden’s Stimulus Speech: A Context Check

The vice president says the stimulus program has met its goals so far. Here is a closer look.

Stimulus Progress Bar: Spending Varies Greatly by Agency

In the first six months after the Recovery Act was approved, federal agencies spent less than 14 percent of their money.

Call for Fixed-Price Stimulus Contracts Lost on Federal Agencies

The government is taking more of the cost risk of stimulus projects than contractors are.

Disclosure Rules on Stimulus Lobbying Produce Few Actual Disclosures

Despite billions of dollars going out, federal agencies are reporting few contacts from lobbyists.