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Paul Kiel

Paul Kiel
Read Paul Kiel's e-book, The Great American Foreclosure Story, on your Kindle or mobile device.

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Paul Kiel covers consumer finance for ProPublica.

His work on the foreclosure crisis was featured in The Best Business Writing 2013. It also won Best in Business awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in both 2011 and 2012 and a 2011 Scripps Howard Award for business/economics reporting. He’s produced stories for the Washington Post, USA Today, Slate and American Public Media’s Marketplace, among others.

Before joining ProPublica in 2008, Kiel wrote for TPMmuckraker, Talking Points Memo's investigative reporting blog. TPM's coverage of the firings of U.S. attorneys and politicization of the Department of Justice won a George Polk Award for legal reporting.

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For Gov’t Mortgage Mod Program, New Numbers Show Old Problems

Homeowners still have long, costly waits in the federal foreclosure-prevention program.

Homeowner Questionnaire Shows Banks Violating Gov’t Program Rules

Mortgage servicers regularly break the government's loan modification rules, homeowners report to ProPublica.

After Fannie Error, Treasury Issues Correction on Mod Program Default Numbers

The government's latest, promising numbers on its mortgage modification program turn out to be wrong.

New York Jumps Ahead of Feds With Law Holding Mortgage Companies Accountable on Mods

New York State has new laws to do what Washington hasn't: hold mortgage companies accountable for their treatment of homeowners seeking modifications.

In Financial Regulation Bill, Increased Transparency for Loan Mod Program

The formula for testing homeowners’ eligibility for a mortgage modification will not be a secret anymore.

Loan Mod Backlogs Continue Despite Servicers’ Pledges to Improve

Loan servicers in the federal mortgage modification program continue to have large backlogs, but the administration has failed to respond with any penalties.

Survey: Homeowners Working With Servicers Often Blindsided by Foreclosures

Many housing counselors in California are seeing clients lose their homes while pursuing mortgage modifications.

Loan Mod Program Still Sputtering, Despite Attempted Fixes

No Penalties for Mortgage Company with Worst Loan Mod Backlog

Saxon Mortgage has the largest proportion of homeowners caught in modification limbo, yet has not been subject to any government penalties.

Chase Leaves Thousands Stuck in Loan Mod Limbo

Chase has the most homeowners who have spent more than six months in a trial mortgage modification.

Loan Mod Logjam Continues for 265,000 Homeowners; Failures Jump

Many who have started in the government's mortgage modification program have been in trials longer than six months.

Only $242 Million Spent So Far on Gov’t $75B Mortgage Mod Program

The U.S. has spent only $242 million of its pledged $75 billion for foreclosure prevention.

Financial Reform Amendment Would Address Loan Mod Problems with ‘Homeowner Advocate’

Legislation would create a federal "homeowner advocate" office to assist in loan modifications.

Disorganization at Banks Causing Mistaken Foreclosures

Some people have lost their homes even while going through the mortgage modification process.

Over 50 Homeowners Have Sued in the Last Year, Alleging a Communication Breakdown Led to Foreclosure

A Missouri man says Chase Home Finance sold his home after assuring him it would not.

Disorganization at Banks Causing Mistaken Foreclosures

Communication problems have caused some to lose their homes even while trying for mortgage modifications.

Geithner Talks Tough on Loan Mods, and Backs It Up With … More Data

The Treasury secretary acknowledges problems with mortgage servicers, but offers no new solutions.

New March Mortgage Mod Data: Cancellations Jump, Logjam Continues

The government reports a big increase in the number of homeowners who are denied loan modifications.

Treasury, Ahem, Clarifies Goals for the Mortgage Mod Program

The number of expected loan modifications in the government's foreclosure prevention program isn't as high as earlier figures s

New Data Shows Loan Mod Logjam Continues; Servicers Must Double-check Denials

Paul Kiel
Read Paul Kiel's e-book, The Great American Foreclosure Story, on your Kindle or mobile device.

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