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When Surgeons Multitask: The Little-Known Practice of Concurrent Surgeries

Podcast: Boston Globe reporters Jenn Abelson and Liz Kowalczyk talk to ProPublica’s Marshall Allen about their investigation into the hospital practice of booking two surgeries at the same time.

New Film, ‘A Day’s Work,’ Highlights Dangers of the Temp Industry

Podcast: ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell talks to Dave DeSario, executive producer of a new documentary about safety hazards in the rapidly growing world of temp work.

How 5 Florida Schools Ended Integration and Became Among Worst in State

Podcast: Tampa Bay Times reporters Michael LaForgia and Adam Playford talk to ProPublica editor Eric Umansky about school resegregation.

Reporters Behind New “Spotlight” Movie Tell How They Exposed Priest Abuse

Podcast: The storied Boston Globe Spotlight team talks with ProPublica editor-in-chief Stephen Engelberg about their groundbreaking investigation of the Catholic Church and being portrayed on the big screen.

Why the Ferguson Commission Co-Chair Believes New Report Will Bring Change to St. Louis

Podcast: Rev. Starsky Wilson, co-chair of the Ferguson Commission, talks to ProPublica reporter Paul Kiel about his work to reform racial disparities in debt collection and other systems.

What You Need to Know About the Latest Drone Revelations

Podcast: The Intercept reporters Cora Currier and Ryan Deveraux talk with ProPublica’s Eric Umansky about their big scoop on drone strikes.

Trekking With Refugees Across Europe: An Up-Close View

New York Times reporter Anemona Hartocollis shares with ProPublica editor Eric Umansky her experience on the front lines of the European refugee crisis.

An Arrest, a Suicide, a Year Later: The Lasting Tragedy of Kalief Browder

Podcast: New Yorker staff writer Jennifer Gonnerman talks with ProPublica editor Joe Sexton about her reporting on a teenager who, after spending three years on Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime, took his own life.

Behind Debt by Degrees: How Can You Tell If a College Is Helping Poor Students?

Podcast: We take a closer look inside ProPublica’s new interactive database, guided by reporters and developers Sisi Wei and Annie Waldman.

Why It’s So Hard to Know Whether the Murder Rate is Rising

Podcast: ProPublica reporters discuss news suggesting that national homicide rates are on the rise – and debunk dubious theories that have been offered to explain them.

The Roots, Rhetoric and Remedies of Europe’s Migrant Crisis Explained

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