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Podcast: How Good Is Your Password?

The Heartbleed bug highlights the importance of investing in cybersecurity encryption, and taking password security seriously.

Podcast: The (Tax) Industry Behind the Outrage

People "opposed" to return-free tax filing are speaking out with letters and op-eds from industry players, and some of them don't even know it.

MuckReads Podcast: Jim Dwyer on False Convictions

Beat reporting meets high-tech publishing in a new book exploring the science of everyday mistakes that become grave errors in the criminal justice system. Joaquin Sapien hosts.

Podcast: The Hidden Power of Dark Money

Kim Barker and Theo Meyer discuss the increasingly shadowy world of political spending, the power of the Koch brothers’ network, and what to expect in midterm races.

Podcast: Reporting on Plane Crashes

With Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the news, Steve Engelberg and Joe Sexton discuss the difficulties of reporting on the ever-shifting landscape of plane crashes.

Podcast: The Military’s Slow and Backward Approach to Identifying MIAs

The Pentagon spends roughly $100 million a year to identify service members “missing in action” from World War II and other conflicts, but the effort has proven incredibly slow and inefficient, ProPublica’s Megan McCloskey found.

Podcast: The Winners (and Losers) of College Financial Aid

Universities have become increasingly strategic about how they use their financial aid, but who they’re awarding money to and for what remains unclear. Marian Wang and Eric Umansky discuss the information imbalance at the center of the admissions and financial-aid process.

Podcast: The Medical Arms Race

ProPublica’s Charles Ornstein and Steve Engelberg discuss how a peculiar ad for the da Vinci robot offers a glimpse into the hardball world of marketing medical devices.

Podcast: ‘The Tyson Situation’

ProPublica's David Epstein and Steve Engelberg discuss how a growing number of premier athletes are turning to questionable health practitioners in a race to stay on top.

Podcast: What Your Smartphone Might Be Telling the NSA About You

ProPublica’s Jeff Larson and Steve Engelberg discuss how “leaky apps” – like Google Maps, Facebook and Angry Birds – are allowing the NSA and its British counterpart to access your personal data.

Podcast: Outsourcing Labor, Injuries to the Growing Temp Industry

ProPublica’s Michael Grabell and Steve Engelberg talk about how the temp industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. – and also one of the more dangerous.

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