Kate Brown

Office & Newsroom Assistant

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Kate Brown is ProPublica’s office and newsroom assistant. She is also a writer and longtime New Yorker. Prior to joining ProPublica she was a feature writer for the Greenwich Post in Greenwich, Connecticut. She spent eight years working in film and TV doing production and development for shows on HBO, FX and Yahoo!. Currently she produces ProPublica's weekly podcast.

Our Podcast, The Breakthrough, Is Back

In January, we launched The Breakthrough, which tells the stories behind investigative reporting. And we’re about to start a new season, on June 16.

The Breakthrough: The $2 Drug Test

Introducing Our New Podcast: The Breakthrough

After Electionland: How it Worked, What We Found and What’s Next

Electionland, an unprecedented effort to cover ballot access issues in real time, launched on November 8th. Today we talk with a few of the key players from ProPublica about what it was like reporting from one of the largest newsrooms in the country on Election Day.

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