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Podcast: How Insurers Are Charging You More for Your Generic Drugs

Some insurers are starting to charge patients more out of pocket for generic drugs, including those that treat chronic illnesses like epilepsy and diabetes. Increased co-payments can limit options for such patients. Charles Ornstein discusses what consumers can do to avoid higher prices.

Podcast: In Big Tobacco Cash, a Boon Turned Burden

Reporter Cezary Podkul on why states’ deals with investors yielded money upfront but problematic debts later.

Podcast: Guns, PTSD, and the ‘Data-Free Debate’

ProPublica Reporter Lois Beckett explores shooting victims’ trauma and the politics that stifle the research and treatment they need.

Podcast: Louisiana’s Shrinking Coastline

At the current rate of land loss, the Louisiana wetlands ecosystem that took nature 7,000 years to build may be destroyed within one generation. ProPublica's Al Shaw, Scott Klein and Steve Engelberg discuss the economic and environmental implications.

Podcast: Why Settlements Don’t Fix Wrongful Convictions

Senior Editor Joe Sexton talks about Jabbar Collins’s $10 million settlement with New York City and the long road to an end to prosecutorial misconduct.

Podcast: The Pitfalls of Drug Testing in Sports

Reporter David Epstein explains the various doping methods athletes use to increase their performance – and why drug testing always seems a step behind.

Podcast: Move America Forward’s Ties to Political Consulting Firms, PACs

Kim Barker discusses how Move America Forward, a pro-troop charity run by prominent Tea Party figures, has paid millions to firms run by men behind the group and seems to be subsidizing three conservative political action committees.

Podcast: What to Look for in Federal Release of Payments From Big Pharma

Senior reporter Charles Ornstein on the significance of the data due to be made public next month under the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.

Podcast: ‘No Credit? Need Credit?’ It’ll Cost You

Reporter Paul Kiel talks about the ways installment-loan lenders skirt the law to get customers on the payment treadmill – and then into court.

Podcast: Glaser, Cuomo, and the Refusals That Made the Story

Justin Elliott on how his conflicts-of-interest investigation was aided, not hindered, by the state’s denial of his Freedom of Information request and a source’s Twitter attacks.

Podcast: Dispatches from Freedom Summer

ProPublica's Nikole Hannah-Jones shares the backstory to her personal essay, "Ghosts of Greenwood," and why she chose to highlight the city's violent past.

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