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Podcast: Rise in Medicare’s Controlled Substance Prescriptions

Charles Ornstein and Steve Engelberg discuss the latest data on Medicare’s Part D drug program.

Podcast: Scrutinizing Conflicts of Interest and Profiteering in the Charter School Movement

Marian Wang takes a look at how a chain of North Carolina charter schools highlights the potential for public funds to end up as private profits in the charter-school movement.

Podcast: Inside Our New York Fed Investigation

Jake Bernstein and Steve Engelberg discuss the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s weak oversight and the aftermath of the Carmen Segarra tapes.

Podcast: Firestone’s Secret History in Liberia

Senior reporter T. Christian Miller talks about the ProPublica and PBS Frontline investigation.

Podcast: How We Reported on the American Red Cross

Justin Elliott and Steve Engelberg discuss how crowdsourcing played a crucial role in our latest report on the American Red Cross and its botched relief efforts.

MuckReads Podcast: 100 Years of Investigative Reporting Across the Globe

Cezary Podkul talks to Columbia University’s Anya Schiffrin about when journalism makes a difference and why.

Podcast: Court’s Mistake Helps Draw Back the Curtain on Dark Money

Theo Meyer discusses an accidentally released document that showed how a mining company’s secret donations helped pass a bill in Wisconsin.

Podcast: When U.S. Companies Help the NSA

Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson on blurring borders in an Internet age and the tension between national security and personal privacy.

Podcast: The Racial Disparity in Fatal Police Shootings

The FBI's data on fatal police shootings has its flaws but it illustrates an undeniable truth: black teens have an outsize risk of being shot and killed by law enforcement.

Podcast: Your Privacy for a Sweet Treat

Lois Beckett talks with Stephen Engelberg, Julia Angwin and Justin Elliott about why hundreds of people at a street fair gave up sensitive information in exchange for a cookie.

Podcast: How ‘Wee Things’ Make a Big Difference in Design

ProPublica's Lena Groeger and Nicole Collins Bronzan discuss how people read and interpret small visual forms, how tiny details help us make sense of information and how we can use wee things to design better graphics, interactives and experiences on the web.

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The ProPublica Podcast is a weekly program featuring interviews with reporters about the latest investigations published by ProPublica.


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