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Podcast: ‘No Credit? Need Credit?’ It’ll Cost You

Reporter Paul Kiel talks about the ways installment-loan lenders skirt the law to get customers on the payment treadmill – and then into court.

Podcast: Glaser, Cuomo, and the Refusals That Made the Story

Justin Elliott on how his conflicts-of-interest investigation was aided, not hindered, by the state’s denial of his Freedom of Information request and a source’s Twitter attacks.

Podcast: Dispatches from Freedom Summer

ProPublica's Nikole Hannah-Jones shares the backstory to her personal essay, "Ghosts of Greenwood," and why she chose to highlight the city's violent past.

Podcast: What Design Can Do for Investigative Journalism

ProPublica's new design director, David Sleight, discusses what he plans to bring to our deep-dive investigations.

Podcast: Mapping the NSA’s Spying

Julia Angwin talks about the challenges of tracking the ever-changing surveillance landscape. Among them: limited information and semantic games.

Podcast: Restraints and Seclusion in Public Schools

ProPublica's Heather Vogell and Eric Umansky discuss how a lack of federal regulation allows public schools to physically restrain children or isolate them in rooms against their will – even in non-emergency situations.

Podcast: The ‘Arms Race’ to Hyperspecialize in Youth Sports

ProPublica's David Epstein explains how kids who specialize in one sport are more likely to experience serious injuries, early burn-out and a lower level of athletic success.

MuckReads Podcast: The Peril of Whistleblowing on Wall St.

William D. Cohan joins Jake Bernstein to talk about financial regulation in the face of a big-bank culture of self-preservation above all.

Podcast: Mental Illness and Parenting

Seth Freed Wessler talks about state laws, based on stigma and outdated science, that actually harm the families they’re meant to protect.

Podcast: A Bailout Botched by Centrists

As Obama’s proxy, former Treasury Secretary Geithner shows us how an unwillingness to make sweeping change cost the administration a chance to reshape the financial landscape.

Podcast: Gun Violence in America

ProPublica reporter Lois Beckett examines how gun violence research has become the “political third rail” – leaving us in the dark on some of the most basic facts about gun injuries in America.

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The ProPublica Podcast is a weekly program featuring interviews with reporters about the latest investigations published by ProPublica.