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Cardiac Arrest: Hospital Refuses to Give Widow her Husband’s Heart

After eight years, the hospital that performed Jerry Carswell’s autopsy acknowledges it has his heart, but still won’t give it to his wife.

Linda Carswell poses at the Langham High School track by a memorial plaque for her husband. Her lobbying and testimony played a crucial role in the Jerry Carswell Memorial Act, a new informed consent for autopsies bill passed in Texas this year. (Sharon Steinmann/ProPublica)

After more than eight years, Linda Carswell finally has proof: According to photographs submitted as evidence at a recent court hearing, her husband's heart sits in a locker in the morgue of St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston, stored in two plastic tubs.

But the hospital still won't return it so that Carswell can bury it with his body.

ProPublica wrote in December about Carswell's battle for the heart, and for answers about her husband's unexpected death. Jerry Carswell, 61, went to a different Houston-area hospital for kidney stones in January 2004 and was found dead in his bed after receiving pain medication on the day he was supposed to be released.

The family's experience showed how problems with clinical autopsies — which are conducted on just 5 percent of patients who die in hospitals and rarely include toxicology tests — can thwart survivors’ ability to determine what happened to their loved ones.

The pathologist at St. Joseph Medical Center who conducted Jerry Carswell's autopsy never determined a cause of death. Linda Carswell sued Christus St. Catherine Hospital, the facility that treated her husband, in Harris County District Court, losing a claim for negligence, but winning a $2 million award for fraud based on the handling of the autopsy. Christus St. Catherine is appealing the verdict.

An opinion issued in June by the Texas Supreme Court says a deceased person's next of kin is entitled to possess his body and bury it. That's standard practice nationwide, said Dr. Victor Weedn, a lawyer and pathologist who is professor and chair of the George Washington University department of forensic sciences.

Weedn said he doesn't see why the hospital couldn't give Jerry Carswell’s heart back and warned that it could be incurring liability by keeping it.

Erin Lunceford, an attorney for St. Joseph, told ProPublica that the hospital realizes it could be sued for the organ, but is concerned that turning it over would violate a judge's order during the negligence case to preserve evidence.

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The ongoing saga turned Carswell into an advocate for improved autopsy laws and other patient rights. She said her prolonged legal struggle illustrates obstacles encountered by those harmed in medical facilities — the type often cited by members of ProPublica's Patient Harm Facebook group. Patients and their loved ones can't get answers to basic questions, encounter roadblocks in obtaining medical records and are not treated with dignity, she said.

"They don't understand the human meaning of this at all," Carswell said.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 3:13 p.m.

I pray Mrs. Carswell will receive the justice she greatly deserves. I pray she will consider helping the patients who are having their rights stolen and their lives destroyed as evidenced at :

You’ll see how Obama is protecting MetLife and Dr. Gary Greenhood who ignored Multiple Sclerosis of Jacquelyn Addis and a foot new mother Joanne Vick broke in five places. That’s less than one percent of the insurance company crime patterns evidenced at the website above.

Because of these crimes very sick patients are forced to go without medical treatment and surgery.

Many injured workers commit suicide because they are in tremendous pain while being denied treatment because the insurance companies stripped medical records from their files.

Civilian contractors who support our troops in U.S War Zones are suffering devastating injuries including loss of limbs. Insurance companies are illegally denying or delaying medical treatment and prosthetic replacements of limbs !!

No one is being prosecuted and the deadly crimes continue!!

During this same time AIG, MetLife, Prudential and Unum all rigged huge bids to increase sales of health or injury related policies !! 
You’ll see quotes from ProPublica including :

“The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law. Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

(end of quotes)

The DOJ and DOL Directors appointed by Democrat and Republican Presidents have done nothing to stop the tremendous torture and death of thousands of sick and dying Americans every year !!

The big difference right now is I discovered two MetLife Executives actually gave Obama huge contributions, and then they signed page 5 of the official DOJ agreements where no one was prosecuted for bid rigging and “related fraudulent conduct”.

Overwhelming evidence proves that before, during, and after the Non Prosecution Agreement for bid rigging was signed MetLife ignored life threatening medical evidence when patients filed claims on these policies. The DOL and DOJ Directors will not lift one finger to stop MetLife from ignoring life threatening conditions !!

Any legislator who refuses to stop these crimes are accessories to mass manslaughters and murders that are as evil as any in the history of the world !! Many sick and dying patients are suffering tremendously while knowing the U.S. government is willfully ignoring mass manslaughter committed against medical patients !!

This evidence has now made its way to an assistant of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. I pray and hope everyone you know will call and leave a message for Margaret Tipton at 202-225-2811 and request an immediate investigation and prosecution regarding the evidence I submitted that is seen at the website above.

Barry, try and stay on topic and leave your rant at home.

Linda Carswell should at least know that there is a special place in hell for the Hospital Administrators and their lawyers. I wonder what their patron Saints Joseph and Catherine would think?

Yes, the website was so poorly written, it’s difficult to absorb. It sounds like an anti-Obama rant.

Daniel Ferreira

July 12, 2012, 3:39 p.m.

Yes, the website was so poorly written, it’s difficult to absorb. It sounds like an anti-Obama rant, as does Barry’s comments.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 3:47 p.m.

ProPublica wrote : “The ongoing saga turned Carswell into an advocate for improved autopsy laws and other patient rights”

Because of that quote I believe my request to Mrs. Carswell regarding helping with patients rights is on topic. I do not believe it is a rant either. I believe Tim is politically or business motivated to attack me.

Any American can read the first 93 sentences at to see the DOL and DOJ Directors appointed by Obama and Bush have created a hell on earth that destorys thousands of lives every year.

The evidence stands for itself. Comments from Obama and/or insurance company professional internet trolls do not make the profound evidence of mass manslaughter go away.

Helen Benedict

July 12, 2012, 3:55 p.m.

If you want to go on about mass manslaughter, go to a foreign country, where you can get shot because you do something wrong. Even if you are a billionaire. Stay ON topic. Until we all take personal responsibility for all we do, someone will take the responsibility for you. If you want to support Mrs Carswell, help her do what she is doing. Contact her and see if you can offer support, financially or other wise. Working at the grass roots like she is will be what changes the nation, not battling back and forth on posts. That’s my final answer.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 4:14 p.m.

I am handicapped and am asking Mrs. Carswell if she can help because ProPublica wrote Ms. Carswell is an advocate for “other patient rights”

I believe we are in similar situations, because crimes and inhumane treatment are evident in every aspect of health care.

The evidence at stands for itself. Comments from Obama and/or insurance company professional internet trolls do not make the profound evidence of mass manslaughter go away.

I’m not commenting on the autopsy practices of the hospital or the apparent negligence here, I want that to be very clear.
However, Mrs. Carswell brought a lawsuit to resolve her issue, which is reasonable, but a consequence of the suit is that evidence must be preserved. If an appeal is in process, then she must wait until after the discovery process is concluded to get it back.

Stephanie Palmer

July 12, 2012, 5:26 p.m.

What on earth does

Barry Schmittou think this has to do with President Obama?  The insurance companies have been colluding for years. I don’t understand his position at all, but I’ll chalk it up to election season.  I don’t understand why Linda Carswell wants her late husband’s heart, but then I don’t understand why the hospital insists on keeping it either.  I guess if she hadn’t already paid the bill, she could have made them a trade.

Until such things happen to them, commentators will continue to talk about “staying on topic”, waiting for the appeals process etc, blah, blah. Ignore it Barry. People begin to really take note when their cage gets rattled. Keep up the fight. I can only imagine how tiresome it all is.

Naysayers, forget expecting me to read or answer your foolish nonsense.  Don’t have time for baloney.  The end.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 5:43 p.m.

Thank you Anne !!

Anyone who looks at my first comment can see I’m not politically motivated. I wrote :

“The DOJ and DOL Directors appointed by Democrat and Republican Presidents have done nothing to stop the tremendous torture and death of thousands of sick and dying Americans every year !!”

(I was having multiple surgeries when Bush was in office and could not sustain a legal battle with his administration and it’s extremely difficult now, I have many falls and bloody accidents)

I am handicapped and am asking Mrs. Carswell if she can help because ProPublica wrote Ms. Carswell is an advocate for “other patient rights”

I believe we are in similar situations, because crimes and inhumane treatment are evident in every aspect of health care.

Thank you again Anne !!

I read the article because the title seemed to promise an un-ProPublica-like tabloid piece rather than a serious issue to consider. Then the comments derailed us to Barry Schmittou who has found this article a great conduit for disseminating the long-winded views expressed on his website. He asked us to consider the evidence on it which any rational reader would assume to include compelling outside sources.

Barry’s references begin about half way through his rhetoric, and include ten links: all of them leading back to separate pages of his own self referred opinions.

Followed by the Gibson Dunn 2010 list of 32 non/deferred-prosecution agreements that “prove” these “crimes are healthcare or financial fraud and kickbacks!!” (Gibson Dunn is a large legal firm which specializes in getting charges against corporations reduced or dropped.) A cursory look indicates the majority of them are “foreign corrupt practices act” charges, and the 2010 settlements resulted in a total of over $2.314 billion in monetary penalties.  Only three of the companies which received a DPA or NPA in 2010 were charged with health care fraud.)

Followed by five email addresses which readers are prompted to politely request investigations of the evidence heretofore provided by Barry Schmittou.

Followed by a link which led to other links to “outside responses and action” which consisted with a narrative in which Barry describes some phone calls he made to two congresspeople and some posts he made to un-named websites.

Followed by two links to the Moyers show which we all know frequently addresses our escalating concerns about our growing plutocracy.

Followed by an un-signed article published on the wmctv site which ends with a paragraph written in the first person, presumably by Barry Schmittou.

If Barry wants to be taken seriously, I would think organizing thoughts, backing them up with good sources, and toning down the rhetoric would be good starts. “obamasdeadlycrimes” seems a bit, shall we say, over the top?

Sooooo…....... Back to the article: I completely agree with Ben.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 7:26 p.m.

Carolyn with no last name :

You obviously did not view the links or you would have seen quotes from many U.S. Judges.

Here is the first part of the first link seen at the website I listed above :

Quotes I compiled from 51 Federal Judges prove MetLife and doctors paid by MetLife ignore life threatening medical conditions (including Multiple Sclerosis, brain lesions, cardiac conditions and cancer of many patients) when patients file claims on policies that MetLife rigged bids to sell !!

Judges also wrote MetLife conceals documents from patients and MetLife’s attorneys lie in Court if the patient lives to get to Court.
U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote “MetLife and its henchmen” because MetLife also endangers many psychological patients.

(Quote examples begin 5 important sentences below)

You’ll see I asked the court to stop these crimes and a Federal Judge wrote to me saying the Attorney General is the only one who has the authority to stop them.

Obama and his AG refuse to take action even though they have received this evidence many times and they are very aware the patients can die during the years it takes their claim to be resolved by the Courts !!

The Exhibits prove two MetLife executives gave Obama huge contributions. One year later they signed agreements where no one is prosecuted for bid rigging and “related fraudulent conduct”.

You’ll also see MetLife continues to ignore life threatening medical conditions and fabricate pre-existing conditions when patients file claims on the policies that MetLife rigged bids to sell !!

Unum and Prudential also rigged bids exactly like MetLife did !! This is a small portion of the crimes you’ll see MetLife and other insurance companies commit repeatedly and simultaneously !!

Here are five examples of Judges quotes followed by a link to more :

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Guerm wrote these quotes in the case of Wright verses Metlife :

“MetLife relied on clearly erroneous findings of fact in making its benefit determination. MetLife’s review of Plaintiff’s appeal consistently omitted or misrepresented relevant information in several ways. On October 18, 2004, Dr. Barnett wrote a letter to MetLife stating:

“I am gravely disturbed by your misrepresentation of the facts with regard to my discussion with your independent physician consultant and your lack of due diligence in collecting further medical information regarding Mr. Wright’s health condition. Indeed, Mr. Wright has ongoing cardiac disease including ischemia and loss of function due to previous myocardial infarctions.”

(Dr. Barnett is Mr. Wright’s heart specialist)

U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner won the Thurgood Marshall Award of the American Bar Association in 2008.

Here’s three important quotes Judge Gertner wrote about Metlife:

“It misquoted Whitehouse’s doctors and cherry-picked or took out of context statements made. The denials continued to press factual inaccuracies even after being informed of the errors.”

“Perhaps most egregious of all, it misquotes Dr. Bhan as stating that Whitehouse “[was] able to function” when, in fact, he said “she was not able to function.”

MetLife also endangers multiple psychological patients.

U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote this in Zanny verses MetLife :

“Metlife and its henchmen should appreciate that such conduct may itself precipitate the suicide death of a person who has placed implicit trust in their organization. This record is an open indictment of MetLife’s practices and treatment of the mentally-ill and long-term disability benefits.”

(end of quotes)

(Like Anne mentioned above I may not have time to continue answering to half truths and distractions. The evidence stands on its own and this evidencve is in Washington now)

ProPublica limits comments length so you will need to link to the websites in my first comment to see the remainder of the evidence I just posted and more evidence of crimes protected by Obama.

Excellent reporting but the headline is misleading due to the courts being involved. This makes me wonder if it is possible to build into a Living Will or Will, to include a legal directive, that if an autopsy is needed/required that it be performed by a hospital or medical facility where the individual has NOT been a patient in the last 90 days, And Not by a hospital affiliated with where the individual was a patient or where he/she passed away. Any ideas out there?

I’m not surprised at the hospital’s stand on not returning the heart.  If a toxicology exam was done, the real reason for death would probably have been determined.  Medical records disappear. and it’s going to be get worse when all medical facility patient records go electronic.  Said many times - Dr’s and hospitals bury their mistakes and the family never knows the real reason for death.  Read Consumer Reports!

Barry: When one provides quotes to substantiate proof of argument, the source of that quote is needed for verification. I made an effort to find verification for some of the quotes from two judges (Guerm and Enslen) you quoted (and whom I picked at random) and have come up empty - even after going in four or five pages in a google search. All terms lead back to you and your blog - with the exception of one pdf file re: Zanny vs MetLife which gave the same quotes and was also editorial in content with no source information. I couldn’t find any judge Jennifer Guerm, but a United States district Court Judge Jennifer Guerin from Arizona does show up.  With the exception of your comments, no information on any MetLife decisions came up in a google search on Guerm. Guerin yields nothing at all when combined with MetLife. Perhaps some of your source material may be out there, but without verification, your quotes are simply sentences attributing accurate or inaccurate statements from other individuals.

Anyone with functioning synapses are aware there’s obviously a great deal of corruption and deal-making going on in our entire system which includes the health care industry. You have put a great deal of time and effort into finding the means to make people aware of accountability in health care issues and you obviously have a deep personal investment in it. It seems to me that making sure your information has credibility, and that your arguments are persuasive rather than full of unsubstantiated flaming rhetoric would be your primary goal.

I like ProPublica. Their writers expand our knowledge by actually doing their homework before they hit the publish button.

Geeze, it’s just medical waste.

As far as I’m concerned, when I’m done with this body, they can stuff it in a pickle barrel and keep it on a shelf somewhere.

Oh, and Barry (and probable sock puppet Anne), get a freakin’ life.

Barry Schmittou

July 12, 2012, 11:30 p.m.

Carolyn in your first comment you said :

“Barry’s references include ten links: all of them leading back to separate pages of his own self referred opinions”

That is not true. Carolyn, you said you like ProPublica, but you ignored their quotes in the third link I posted on the website linked in my first comment.

The evidence I filed with the Senate Judiciary and House Oversight includes this quote:

As allowed by 28 USC § 1746, I hereby assert under oath with penalty of perjury this evidence is true to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Here’s an example of the case cites in the full evidence :

(Document 55 Filed 06/30/2006

Carolyn made false statements that all the links are my “own self referred opinions” You remind me of what the Judge wrote about MetLife’s attorneys. In the case of Jagielski v. MetLife U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab wrote :

“In light of counsel for MetLife’s repeated and flagrant obfuscation, smoke screens and “clever” couching of its statements of fact, it is ironic, to say the very least, that MetLife’s opposition to plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment accuses plaintiff repeatedly of “lack of candor and attempts to mislead the Court.”

The following quotes were written by U.S. District Judge Timothy Savage in JACQUELINE ADDIS v. THE LIMITED LONG-TERM DISABILITY PROGRAM :

“MetLife relied almost exclusively upon the report of Dr. Gary Greenhood, an internist specializing in infectious diseases hired by MetLife, who did not examine Addis and did only a records review. Dr. Greenhood selectively viewed Addis’s medical records, and MetLife then selectively adopted parts of Dr. Greenhood’s report to support denial of the claim.”

“Dr. Greenhood selectively extracted portions of Dr. Tatarian’s treatment notes to support his conclusions, which are contrary to those of Dr. Tatarian. At the same time, he ignores parts that bolster Addis’s complaints and support her doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis.”

“Dr. Greenhood states that there were no objectively abnormal findings in the materials he reviewed, creating the impression that the absence of such findings rules out a disabling condition. He also ignores the MRI reports evidencing MS, November 2, 2000, and December 9, 2003. To the contrary, Dr. Tatarian documents a variety of spinal problems; and, MRIs consistently showed the presence of lesions and plaque on the brain. Dr. Greenhood ignores Dr. Tatarian’s report of a positive Babinski sign, which is indicative of nerve damage consistent with Addis’s complaints of stumbling and falling.”

“Both MetLife and Dr. Greenhood ignored the Multiple Sclerosis Medical Source Statement of Functional Abilities and Limitations completed by Dr. Ana Lavdas, one of Addis’s treating doctors. Dr. Lavdas reported that her patient’s prognosis was poor and she had significant functional limitations. Among the symptoms were pain in the lower extremities, fatigue, weakness and shaking in lower and upper extremities, poor coordination, bladder and bowel problems, blurred vision, and other physical problems.

Civil Action 05-357 in The U.S. District Court For The Eastern District Of Pennsylvania on March 30, 2006

I have submitted a book of similar evidence to two Congressional Committees under oath. It’s the readers choice whether they want to believe me or commenters like Carolyn with no last name who said all the links are my “own self referred opinions”.

Then there are commenters like Steve who said this about the heart of Mrs. Carswell’s loved one :

“Geeze, it’s just medical waste”

Steve with no last name also said : “Oh, and Barry (and probable sock puppet Anne), get a freakin’ life”

I have never posted using any name but my own full name, but Steve points out he is aware of a huge problem with ProPublica comments. People can post as many times as they like using as many names as they like. Carolyn’s first comment exhibits so much legal knowledge while also making false statements it is obvious she or he is engaged in “flagrant obfuscation, smoke screens and “clever” couching of its statements of fact” just like the MetLife attorney that the Judge wrote about above.

I only post on ProPublica in hopes of stopping the destruction of thousands of lives of very sick and injured patients. I respond to the half truths and full lies so readers will know the truth. We have reached the point where readers must decide for their selves because it is very difficult to respond to such clever and devious obfuscations and half truths.

FINALLY!!  Barry coughs up enough information to allow us to find an ACTUAL SOURCE for a quote which SHOULD have been linked next to the quoted material in his site! A simple and quite mechanical process which Barry still fails to understand is necessary to lend credibility to his arguments - and without which, his quotes are self-referenced.

Googling in the phrase, “Metlife relied almost exclusively upon the report of Dr. Gary Greenhood” brings up Judge Timothy Savage’s ACTUAL COURT DECISION containing his searing comments about MetLife at the top of the search page. Barry’s own many blog quotes are also displayed, but the real target is getting access to the judge’s decision rather than Barry’s oft repeated descriptions of it.

Simple. Cite your sources!

Back to the topic: I second Steve’s great comment!

For such Sad incidents not to keep repeating -Problem is in the Outdated books of over-done laws. Common sense does have no power. We need to make those man-made books of laws simple to give natural justice a chance.
Let Obama go ahead!

Barry Schmittou

July 13, 2012, 7:53 a.m.

Here’s more proof of Obama’s close relationship to admitted felons and more proof commenter Carolyn is a professional liar. (Carolyn wrote that my references all led back to “separate pages of his own self referred opinions”)

Metlife EVPJames Lipscomb gave President Obama $30,000 for his victory party.

(ProPublica is holding comments with full links now, you will need to paste the following or access them directly in Exhibit A that is posted at

Please scroll down 1/3 page and look on the left side for the $30,000 contribution from James Lipscomb :

Non Prosecution Agreement signed by same MetLife VP !!

On Page five of MetLife’s third Non Prosecution agreement you will see the signature of Mr. James Lipscomb. (There are two pages listed as page five on this PDF file, the second page five has the actual signature of Lipscomb)

Please view the DOJ document I found at :

The agreement is actually addressed to Attorney Bruce Yannett of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP law firm.

Yannett also signed MetLife’s Third Non Prosecution agreement as counsel for MetLife.

Here is a link to 19 pages where you can see hundreds of thousands of dollars that Yannett’s law firm Debevoise & Plimpton gave to Obama in 2008 :;=&fname;=&work=Debevoise+&+Plimpton+LLP/Attorney&occup;=&zipcodes;=&fdate;=&tdate;=&state;=&cycle2=10&cmtetype;=&cmtename;=&cmteorg;=&igc;=&cmteparty;=&cycle3=08&cndoffice;=&cndtype;=&cndlname=obama&cndfname;=&cndstate;=&cndparty;=&orderby;=

Here is a link to $2,500 Bruce Yannett gave Obama in 2008;=&zipcodes;=&fdate;=&tdate;=&state;=&cycle2=10&cmtetype;=&cmtename;=&cmteorg;=&igc;=&cmteparty;=&cycle3=10&cndoffice;=&cndtype;=&cndlname;=&cndfname;=&cndstate;=&cndparty;=&orderby;=

A group of MetLife executives and attorneys gave President Obama $78,980 for his 2008 Presidential campaign :;=(all)&employ=metlife&cycle=2008&state;=&zip;=&amt=a&sort=A&page=1

A Metlife group also gave Hillary Clinton $57,830 in 2008 :;=(all)&employ=metlife&state;=(all)&zip;=(any+zip)&submit=OK&amt=a&sort=A

Plus MetLife spent $41 Million dollars lobbying over the last ten years !!

Link To Lobbying totals : Inc
Here’s the document that said MetLife cooperated in uncovering “related fraudulent conduct”

Unless my visual problems caused me to miss it the fraudulent conduct quote was removed from the Federal Court agreement where no one was prosecuted :

Metlife also has a Political Action Committee that makes contributions. Because of my vision and falls/accidents it will be awhile before I research that.

I am certain someone with campaign finance research skills can find many more contributions than I have found in brief searches of the internet

So there you have proof that specifc Obama contributors signed DOJ agreements where no one was prosecuted for bid rigging policies. I have also presented overwhelming evidence to two Congressional Committes that proves MetLife continues ignoring life threatening medical conditions when patients file claims on the policies that MetLife rigged bids to sell. That’s a small portion of the links and sources of official evidence I have posted on the website seen in my first comment. Carolyn lied when she wrote that my references all led back to “separate pages of his own self referred opinions”

To see specific Obama contributors signing agreements where no one was prosecuted for rigging huge bids you will need to paste the internet sites above since ProPublica is withholding comments with full links now. Or you can link directly to them by pasting and go to Exhibit A. Word documents of the complete evidence are being reviewed by an assistant of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. I pray and hope everyone you know will call and leave a message for Margaret Tipton at 202-225-2811 and request an immediate investigation and prosecution regarding the evidence I submitted that is seen by pasting : or link it directly in my first comment.

I have given Republican’s Blackburn, Grassley and Issa notice that if they do not take action soon I will also file complaints on them for being accessories to Obama’s mass manslaughter. I am making sure they are all aware of the evidence, and if they decide to do nothing that will be between them and God. God please help us all !!

Barry, are you one of those poor souls who didn’t get enough attention during your formative years and now that the age of the Internet is upon us, you take each and every opportunity to hoist your raggedy self up on a home made soapbox to demand that you be, finally, heard?

Come on, bud, your attempts to reach an audience are so totally over blown that any audience you do reach will take great care to move away from your diatribes as if you were Ebola #1.

Go to a more sleazy website and your rants can be heard ad nauseum along with the thousands of desperate, abused souls who have similar issues with which to cope…. PLEASE?

Barry Schmittou

July 13, 2012, 4:13 p.m.

Chris O with no last name. Your attack is a pathetic attempt to distract from the fact Obama is an accessory to mass manslaughter. The evidence stands on its own and is being reviewed now in Washington with the support of many. Anyone who takes time to read it will see there are problems with both political parties.

Anyone who reads my last comment will see that Carolyn and other commenters have lied to cover-up the fact that Obama is an accessory to mass manslaughter. Since you and the other commenters want to have the last word it’s all yours from here on, the evidence stands on its own and Obama and his contributors are guilty of mass manslaughter !!

Barry Schmittou sounds like you have a small dick.

Oh, is this Propublica?  I’m sorry - I thought I was reading the Barry Schmittou Blog.

Please be respectful to each-other’s feelings, we all are fighing for or against an inevitable big change that will have a strong impact on the global economy in 2013.
The root of Problem is in the Outdated books of over-done laws. first of all -We need to make those man-made books of laws simple to give natural justice a chance.
Let Obama go ahead by supporting him unanimously and share the victory of America and not a group of super-wealthy guys that is in control of our North-American Judicial systems!
Let’s repeat dear Barry’s prayer - God please help us all.

Barry Schmittou

July 14, 2012, 9:34 a.m.

Thank you very much Shahislam !!

I decided to post one more time since someone attacked the Holy Trinity of God by posting in the name of Jesus and initiating an obscene attack. That proves one person can post under as many names as they want to on ProPublica, which leaves real people subject to attack. It also proves that the powerful politicians and special interests have people who watch the internet closely and viciously attack anyone who posts true facts about their extensive corruption.

There was a time when I would have become angry by attacks on this blog but 1 John 4:8 says :

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”

I love God and I pray God will fill all the commenters on this blog with his love and understanding and a desire to stop injustices as the Bible says we are to do.

Shahislam, I am happy God is blessing you and I thank you again for your kind thoughts and words of wisdom, and a special thanks for saying “Let’s repeat dear Barry’s prayer - God please help us all”

Now Barry’s asserting there is a god and Barry works for him.  Probably gets direct tweets from same.  Passes on blessings to lesser beings inhabiting this planet.  Wow, so much talent wasted in one mere mortal. I grovel in awe of his Holy Juice Card. Barry, be sure to say hi to The Big Guy for me the next time he skypes you, OK? He’ll remember me - we used to hang together after high school.

first thing that came to mind was/is
liablity - liabiity - liabiity
ie   remove from oven-CAUTION HOT- LET COOL - AND ENJOY
(as if I’ll sue assuming I really liked it and they didnt tell me so)
over the top you say?
nope - use the “liability” angle as your first “go to” association
and it all becomes clearer
SO - in this case to be sure there are no “liability” issues
      even if the heart being free of (wrong doing) is not available.

If the woman sued, she must understand that a result of that suit is a need to preserve the chain of evidence.  If getting her husband’s heart back is more important, and she is willing to drop the suit, then she should get it back.
End of story, for me.  Personally, I do not care about burials, let the body go for organ donation if possible, science if not, or out with the trash.  Natural, unenbalmed burial would return the body minerals, chemicals, etc., to the earth, otherwise, no real concern—dispose of me in the least polluting way possible.

The situation of retaining organs after a autopsy is very common place.  I worked in the field for twenty years, assisting pathologists with autopsies.  In particular, if gross negligence was found or susspected, the organ or organ system in question would nearly always be kept, and the remaining body parts returned to the body.  The family was NEVER informed.  These parts were kept for months or even years, until the shelves were full, then “disposed” of by incineration by a medical waste disposal company.  This practice still goes on.  I, myself, worked in Naval Medical Centers, and this practice took place in all of the facilities I worked at.

Why is it corporations pay finds and no one goes to Jail ? It seems there is just a slap on the hand and then soon their back ripping Americans off…

Tommy: To answer your question why corporations only pay fines. They have our governement convinced that they create Jobs and shuting down a company will hurt the states with unemployment. Years ago there was a large insurance company in NJ hit with huge lawsuit and class action, the settlement was a joke, where the insured were allowed to buy annuities with an extra 1% bonus and other life ins policy holders could buy additional small life insurance policies without proof of insurability. I found out from the state insurance dept the settlement was approved because the insurance company threatened to move out of the state.

One other note. The Hospital and medical industry is not much different from the banking industry. If you look at the fund raiser Obama just had at $38,000 per plate, it is the tops of these corporations that are the people receiving those invitations. They are not going to convict those people if they can just fine the corporation and still have those people at the top funding their campaigns and playing golf with them!

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:
Patient Safety

Patient Safety: Exploring Quality of Care in the U.S.

More than 1 million patients suffer harm each year while being treated in the U.S. health care system. Even more receive substandard care or costly overtreatment.

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Too many patients suffer harm instead of healing in U.S. medicine. That’s why ProPublica’s reporters have investigated everything from deadly dialysis centers and dangerous hospitals to the failure of state boards to discipline incompetent nurses.

This page allows patients, providers and readers to join the patient safety conversation. Our goal is to find out why so many patients are suffering harm and highlight the best ways to solve the problem. Here you’ll find regular updates, and places to share your stories, views or expertise.

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