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Trump Administration

Trump, Inc.

Exploring the Business of Trump

He’s the president, yet we’re still trying to answer basic questions about how his business works: what deals are happening, whom they’re happening with, and if the president and his family are keeping their promise to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump White House.

“Trump, Inc.” is a joint reporting project from WNYC Studios and ProPublica that digs deep into those questions. We’ll be laying out what we know, what we don’t and how you can help us fill in the gaps.

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Impact of Our Reporting

Trump, Inc.

Ruling Confirms Trump Used Fraud to Hype Property Values

In 2019, ProPublica revealed stark inconsistencies between what the Trump Organization had reported to tax authorities and what it told lenders about the finances of one of its towers. A judge this week ruled the company had committed fraud.

Trump, Inc.

Donald and Ivanka Trump Were Involved in Inauguration’s Inflated Payments to Family Business, New Suit Says

“Members of the Trump family were aware of and involved in the negotiation of this unconscionable contract,” the District of Columbia’s attorney general wrote in the suit.

Trump, Inc.

We Found Major Trump Tax Inconsistencies. New York’s Mayor Wants a Criminal Investigation.

Asked about ProPublica’s findings that the president’s company made itself appear more profitable to lenders and less to tax officials, Bill de Blasio said the city had examined the matter and sent its findings to the Manhattan district attorney.

Trump, Inc.

Trump’s Company Removes Presidential Seal From Golf Course

The move comes one day after ProPublica and WNYC reported that the Trump International ordered presidential seals to be used as golf tee markers.

New Legal Filing Reveals Startling Details of Possible Fraud by Trump Organization

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