The Secret IRS Files

Inside the Tax Records of the .001%

Sacrifice Zones

Mapping Cancer-Causing Industrial Air Pollution


America’s Broken Food Safety System

The Insurrection

The Effort to Overturn the Election

More Series

Broken Promises

Salmon Disappear From the Pacific Northwest

Billions on the Border

A Closer Look at Taxpayer-Funded Border Initiatives in Texas


Investigating Risks to the Incarcerated of Illinois

Crisis Point

How New York Wrecked Mental Health Care for Kids

The Price Kids Pay

How Schools and Police Work Together to Punish Students

Flight Risk

Commercial Aviation Safety in Alaska

The New Sweatshop

The Secretive World of Work-At-Home Customer Service

Asset Mismanagement

How the Police Take Money and Keep It


Deadly Malfunctions, FDA Inaction and Vulnerable Patients

Welfare States

How the Southwest Transformed Welfare

Juvenile Injustice, Tennessee

Where Kids Meet the Rule of Law

St. Jude’s Unspent Billions

Behind the Hospital’s Claims to Donors

Schoolyard Sheriffs

Policing Kids in Antelope Valley Schools


A Louisiana Law Department That Polices Itself

The Social Machine

How Facebook Plays by Its Own Set of Rules

ProPublica Reader Survey

Making Our Journalism Better

Black Snow

Big Sugar’s Burning Problem


How America’s Richest School Spends Its Wealth

Cold Justice

The Outrage and Promise of Untested DNA From Rape Victims

Gilded Badges

How New Jersey Cops Profit From Police Unions and Avoid Accountability

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