Friends of the Court

SCOTUS Justices’ Beneficial Relationships With Billionaire Donors

The Repatriation Project

The Delayed Return of Native Remains

Roots of an Outbreak

How the Next Pandemic Could Start

More Series

The Inside Edge

How the Rich and Well-Connected Exploit Investment Advantages

Committed to Jail

How Mississippi Jails People for Mental Illness

With Every Breath

Millions of Breathing Machines. One Dangerous Defect

No Defense

How Mississippi Fails Poor Defendants

State of Disrepair

Inside Idaho’s Crumbling Schools


Virginia Universities Have Expanded by Dislodging Black Communities

Parental Alienation

A Disputed Theory’s Influence in Family Court

Checked Out

LA’s Lost Residential Hotels

Chaos at the School Board

Unraveling America’s School Board Unrest

The Title Pawn Trap

High-Interest Title Lending in Georgia

Waiting for Water

Tribes’ Fight for a Promised Resource

The Ugly Truth

Inside the “We Buy Ugly Houses” Company

America’s Dangerous Trucks

Inside the Battle to Prevent Deadly Crashes

The Long Burn

The Slow Recovery From New Mexico’s Largest Wildfire

Train Country

Investigating Railroad Safety in America

Homeowner Hell

Investigating Colorado’s Unregulated Homeowners Associations


How the Insurance Industry Denies Coverage to Patients

Breach of Trust

Utah’s Troubled Handling of Sexual Assaults

Peligro en las granjas

Los obreros en la sombra de la industria lechera

America’s Dairyland

Risking Workers’ Lives for the Milk We Drink

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