Have you seen something that troubles you or that you think should be a story? Do you have a tip we should be investigating? Do you have documents or other materials we should see?

It is most efficient to contact an individual reporter directly. Look at our staff list and read our bios to see what we’ve covered. We all include contact information, including ways to reach us through encrypted means such as Signal or ProtonMail. You should also take a look at our open reporting projects to see if your tip relates to any of our ongoing coverage.

If you cannot find the right individual’s contact, you can reach out through one of these newsroom tiplines.

We take privacy seriously. There is no third-party tracking on this page, but please consider who else may be able to see what you’re doing on your device.

For Most Tips Fill Out Our Form Filling this out helps us pass your tips along to the right editors and reporters quickly. We will not publish your name or information without your consent.
If Your Tip Is Sensitive If you wish for additional anonymity, we have set up encrypted tiplines for extra security.

What We Look for in Tips

We read every tip you send, but we have to make choices about which ones we explore. To help us understand why your tip could be a story, please keep in mind:

  • Tell us why your story is an accountability story. Who is being harmed? What, exactly, is happening? How would we follow up?
  • Our stories are generally about systemic, not individual, harm. If you think your story is part of a pattern, help us understand the larger context.
  • Include any evidence you have. That includes text messages, emails, documents, receipts, photos, reports and more.
  • If something is time sensitive, please note that in your subject line or introductory text.
  • Please be as specific and concise as you can.
Or, reach out through:
Our Form Postal Mail

Reach Out to Us Using Signal

Our general tips number on Signal is +1-‪917-512-0201‬. Please be as specific, detailed and clear as you can. We read everything you submit, but our newsroom is still too small to send a personal response to everyone. Any documentation helps.

Or, reach out through:
Our Form Signal Postal Mail


Our SecureDrop instance is temporarily unavailable as of April 2023; please contact us via Signal in the interim.

Or, reach out through:
Our Form Signal

Reach Out to Us Using Postal Mail

U.S. postal mail without a return address is one of the most secure ways to communicate. Authorities would need a warrant to intercept and open it in transit.

For better security, you can mail your package or envelope from an unfamiliar sidewalk box instead of your company or agency mailroom. A sidewalk box is also more secure than a post office. You can mail us paper materials or digital files on, for example, a thumb drive.