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West Virginians Could Get Stuck Cleaning Up the Coal Industry’s Messes

Correction, Dec. 1, 2023: This story originally misstated the source of funding for a bill that was introduced in Congress last year. The funding would have come from general tax dollars, not the existing federal program to reclaim mines abandoned before 1977.

For Alaska Families, Questions Remain About Unsolved Deaths and “Suicides”

Correction, Nov. 22, 2023: A headline with the story originally referred imprecisely to a death. While the cause of death is homicide, it has not yet been officially called a murder.

This Louisiana Town Runs Largely on Traffic Fines. If You Fight Your Ticket, the Mayor Is Your Judge.

Correction, Nov. 22, 2023: This story originally contained an inaccurate description of what the Fines and Fees Justice Center advocates for. The organization promotes equitable fines and the elimination of fees in the justice system, not equitable fees.

Residential Hotels Got Contracts Under the Los Angeles Mayor’s Homelessness Program Despite Violations

Correction, Nov. 17, 2023: This story originally misstated the number of people living on the streets. There are 46,000 homeless people in the city of Los Angeles, but 32,700 live on the streets, as opposed to shelters or temporary housing, according to this year’s count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

One Woman Died on an Alaska Mayor’s Property. Then Another. No One Has Ever Been Charged.

Correction, Nov. 11, 2023: This story originally misidentified Rachel Ahrens’ current position. She is a superior court judge, not a magistrate.

The 20 Farming Families Who Use More Water From the Colorado River Than Some Western States

Correction, Nov. 10, 2023: The story originally misidentified where Jay Famiglietti works. He is at Arizona State University, not the University of Arizona.

The Historic Claims That Put a Few California Farming Families First in Line for Colorado River Water

Correction, Nov. 10, 2023: The story originally misidentified where Jay Famiglietti works. He is at Arizona State University, not the University of Arizona.

Police Resistance and Politics Undercut the Authority of Prosecutors Trying to Reform the Justice System

Correction, Oct. 11, 2023: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin dismissed charges in a rape case in 2021 and that it was a factor in his recall.

Anchorage City Commissioner Charged With Fraudulently Obtaining $1.6 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds for Her Charity

Correction, Sept. 30, 2023: This story originally misstated the first name of Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson’s spokesperson. It is Veronica, not Victoria.

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost Boeing and Taxpayers $1 Billion. Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

Correction, Sept. 27, 2023: This story originally quoted a King County health warning incorrectly. The correct wording is “Fun to Catch, Toxic to Eat,” not “Fun to Fish, Toxic to Eat.”

Despite Major Reform to Military Justice System, Navy Still Leaves Public in Dark

Correction, Aug. 25, 2023: This story originally implied that the Navy’s new rules for handling court records had not been released. The story has been updated throughout to reflect that the new rules were released Aug. 9 and go into effect Sept. 14.

Years After Being Ticketed at School for a Theft She Said Never Happened, Former Student Prevails in Court

Correction, Aug. 10, 2023: This story originally misstated the day a verdict was handed down. It was Thursday, not Wednesday.

Activists Have Long Called for Charleston to Confront Its Racial History. Tourists Are Now Expecting It.

Correction, July 31, 2023: This story originally misstated a street number. Several residents want to put an historical marker at 24 Broad St. There already is one at 34 Broad St.

Close to 100,000 Voter Registrations Were Challenged in Georgia — Almost All by Just Six Right-Wing Activists

Correction, July 13, 2023: A caption with this story originally misspelled the first name of a voter. She is Sara Ketchum, not Sarah.

Correction, July 14, 2023: This story originally misstated the rank of Gwinnett County in terms of population. It is the second most populous county in Georgia, not the most populous.

Illinois Leaves Three Administrators in Charge at Choate Despite Troubled History of Resident Care

Correction, July 11, 2023: This story originally misidentified the plea entered by Bradley Cross. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Out of Balance

Correction, June 15, 2023: This story originally misstated the type of chimpanzee threatened by a hydroelectric dam in Gabon. It is the central chimpanzee, not the western chimpanzee.

New York Charter Schools Write Their Own Rules for When to Call 911 on Students Having a Mental Health Crisis

Correction, June 23, 2023: The story originally misstated in part the origin of the 87 calls made to 911 between July 2016 and December 2022. The calls originated from Success Academy schools, but some of them were placed by staff, while others were placed by school safety officers working in the building who were not employed by the school.

As Residential Care Homes Expand in Maine, Seniors Don’t Always Get the Care They Need

Correction, May 22, 2023: This story originally referred imprecisely to a medication that residential care staff had incorrectly provided to Martin Hunt. He was given medication for anxiety and sleeping problems, not seizures.

The Student Protesters Were Arrested. The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn’t.

Correction, May 13, 2023: This story originally misquoted one of the Black History Month posters described by Cindy Nations. According to Nations, the poster said "All History Matters," not "All Lives Matter."

How South Carolina Ended Up With an All-Male Supreme Court

Correction, April 28, 2023: This story originally misstated the color of retired judge Kaye Hearn’s eyes. They are green, not blue.

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