Four years in, our humble ProPublica Podcast is getting an overhaul. Starting Monday, look for a fresh take on behind-the-scenes interviews with our reporters, relevant Q&As with experts, spirited roundtable discussions of the biggest headlines, and, of course, more of the MuckReads we love so well.

First up, in fact, is a MuckReads podcast featuring Jim Dwyer, New York Times columnist, author, and famed chronicler of injustice in the justice system. He'll join Joaquin Sapien in the Storage Closet Studio — no upgrade there, dear reader — to talk about his new book, the interactive "False Conviction: Innocence, Guilt and Science." Using video, animations and demonstrations, "False Conviction" explores the science of everyday mistakes that become grave errors in the criminal justice system.

We're rolling out a few logistical changes, too: The podcast will be published early on Mondays and will be offered on SoundCloud in addition to iTunes and Stitcher.

We hope you'll join us Monday for the "new" ProPublica Podcast, and feel free to send suggestions our way.