Nothing says summer like a fresh crop of stimulus data.

So along with our revamped ProPublica website, we bring you the next generation of our Recovery Tracker. As with our last trackers, we started with data from the federal stimulus website,, and added thousands of stimulus spending records from

We also have continued to better track money to the county level. That means that instead of seeing a chunk of money going to your state Department of Education, you’ll see how much money your local counties received from the state (as long as your state reported the information to the folks).

But wait. That’s not all. The latest version of our Recovery Tracker also includes more information about stimulus vendors. We identified more than 1,300 vendors where no recipient name was reported on

Finding our new Recovery Tracker will be easy. It will live online in the new Tools and Data section of

And for all you data lovers out there, you still can request a copy of your state’s data.

If you want to know about how we do all this, check out our detailed methodology.

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