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How Do We Know Pakistan Terror Witness Is Telling the Truth?

Prosecutors knew the star witness in a U.S. federal court trial involving the 2008 Mumbai attacks had a tainted past. So FBI investigators scoured the world for evidence to corroborate his testimony.


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This report is part of a ProPublica and PBS FRONTLINE investigation.

Is David Coleman Headley telling the truth?

That question will continue to hover over a packed courtroom in Chicago this week as the 50-year-old Pakistani-American businessman resumes his testimony in a high-stakes terrorism trial involving the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The trial could have a profound impact on the troubled relationship between the United States and Pakistan because Headley has asserted that Pakistani intelligence officers played a key role in the attacks.

By his own admission, Headley has credibility problems.

He is a former heroin addict and drug smuggler. He has juggled allegiances to the DEA, the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist group, al-Qaida and Pakistani intelligence. He has maneuvered among overlapping relationships with three wives, including the mother of his four children. To save himself from the death penalty, he has pleaded guilty to doing reconnaissance for the Mumbai attacks and a plot in Denmark and is now the star witness against Tahawwur Rana, his boyhood friend and accused accomplice.

When the FBI arrested Headley in 2009, investigators were stunned by his insider’s knowledge of the Mumbai plot, which killed 166 people, six of them Americans. At the same time, however, they worried that his prodigious talent for deception could result in disaster in court, so they worked around the world to confirm as much of his account as they could.

They scoured the trove of information in his computer. They analyzed his phone, travel and credit card records. They pored over the intelligence haul from at least two months they had spent shadowing him and monitoring his communications before his arrest. They compared his story to the results of investigations in India, Pakistan, Denmark, Britain and elsewhere.

As a result, the case unfolding in Chicago consists of far more than Headley’s word.

When Headley testified last week that he met a mastermind in Karachi as Lashkar prepared to deploy a maritime attack team, the prosecution produced his hotel bill from that date in Karachi. (Investigators had previously corroborated aspects of his account of the preparations in Karachi by comparing it to the confession of the surviving gunman.) When Headley described scouting targets in Denmark, prosecutors showed the jury his surveillance video of those targets. At some points, his testimony and the supporting evidence flowed together to create an almost real-time picture of his activity.

Headley’s most eagerly awaited testimony involves Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) and centers on a shadowy figure known as Major Iqbal. Headley says Iqbal was the ISI handler who trained, directed and funded him, though he admits he does not know Iqbal's real name.

Pakistani officials have denied that the ISI played any role in the Mumbai attacks and that Iqbal was a serving intelligence officer. Some question whether Iqbal really exists.

But U.S. prosecutors are so convinced that Major Iqbal is real that last month they took the diplomatically explosive step of indicting him. They have done their best to bring him to life in the courtroom, displaying his email exchanges with Headley and Rana. It seems clear that Iqbal was running Headley in coordination with Lashkar but at the same time was directing him to collect the kind of military intelligence that interests a spy agency, not a terrorist group. Iqbal also asked Headley to look into purchasing espionage equipment in the United States, evidence shows.

The trial has featured phone evidence, including a number Iqbal obtained with a New York area code to disguise his calls from Pakistan to India. According to intercepted phone calls and retrieved emails, Headley spent months talking with associates about Iqbal and other ISI officers. His view of his Lashkar and ISI handlers soured in the spring of 2009 when, after launching him on the plot against Denmark, they shelved the operation and he began working with al-Qaida instead.

In September 2009, Headley received a call in Chicago from his brother in Pakistan saying that Major Iqbal had come to Headley’s house in Lahore looking for him, according to evidence from a wiretap. Headley responded with an obscene insult about his former handler. In other communications, Headley complained to an al-Qaida operative that Lashkar only did the bidding of the ISI and that he should have asked his ISI contacts to help him get a long-term Pakistani visa.

Iqbal was not Headley’s only point of contact with the spy agency. Headley has described meeting several other high-ranking officers. The prosecutors have unveiled his communications with a Major Sameer Ali, whom Headley describes as an ISI officer. Emails show that Ali helped the American find out that Headley’s al-Qaida handler, who also had a relationship with the ISI, had been released after a brief detention in 2009. Investigators have determined that Major Ali worked closely with Major Iqbal, though that evidence has not yet been presented in court.

Headley remains the sole source of some information produced in the courtroom, including his account of the spy training he received at a safe house in Lahore, where he says his instructors were sergeants, corporals and other non-commissioned officers working for Major Iqbal. Experts say Headley’s tradecraft as a reconnaissance operative suggests that he did, in fact, have professional training. The meticulous advance work and tactical sophistication of the Mumbai plot far exceeded the majority of operations by al-Qaida and other groups working without state support.

When Rana’s defense attorneys continue their cross-examination of Headley this week, it’s possible that they will severely damage Headley, or that he will self-destruct on the stand. But so far the defense’s approach has tended to reinforce his credibility.

In fact, Rana’s lawyers appear to accept Headley’s claim that he worked for the ISI and even see it as a factor that mitigates Rana’s guilt. They assert that Rana, who communicated with Major Iqbal but not with the Lashkar masterminds, thought he was helping Headley conduct espionage operations for the ISI when he let him use his Chicago immigration consulting firm as a cover. The defense depicts Headley as skilled manipulator who kept his childhood friend in the dark about his terrorist activity while using him as an unwitting accomplice.

The lawyers accuse Headley of lying to implicate Rana in order to save his wife as well as his own life. Headley admitted on the stand Thursday that his wife Shazia, who has not been charged, knew of the Mumbai and Denmark plots. The defense quoted a congratulatory email she sent him as the carnage in Mumbai filled television screens worldwide.

The impression Headley makes on the stand could determine whether the jury convicts Rana—and whether Americans who are following the trial believe Pakistani intelligence officers took part in a plot to kill Americans.

So far he has come off as sophisticated, tormented and intense, speaking in precise, clipped sentences with a tinge of a South Asian accent. He has veered from ruthless to sentimental, from slick to vulnerable. He justifies the killing of innocents in Mumbai as revenge for the killings of innocents in Pakistan by India in past wars. Although he dropped out of two military schools, he sees himself as an Islamic warrior and hopes that his 5-year-old son will grow up to be a commando. He recounted an anecdote in which his son, told by a soccer coach on the field to shoot, dropped into a combat stance imitating his father practicing on a target range at their house in Lahore.

But Headley’s attitude toward his murderous exploits has evolved during his testimony. At one point he said he was “pleased” in 2008 when he saw the televised news of the three-day slaughter in Mumbai. But when asked Thursday if he was still proud of his role in the attacks, he paused and said, “No.”

Can we please also charge the traitor Senator John Kerry for funding these terrorists by US tax-pair money. He surely knows that ISI and the rest of the Pakistani military establishment, which he still helps sustain with our money was responsible for the Mumbai attacks among thousands more in India and Afghanistan. He will meet justice one day for sure.

Jeff in Shanghai

May 31, 2011, 3:46 a.m.

Fantastic reporting on this incredibly important story. proPublica is running rings around other media, and the seeming lack of editorial/public interest or attention on the part of some major media in particular is cause for substantial worry.

Keep it coming, please.

Nice propaganda by ProPublica i thing Indian govt is donating to propublica.

I have one question from ProPuublica ... What about Samjhota Express Incident in which number of Pakistanis burnt by Hindu Terrorist and Indian Govt ..

I am sure not ...Because Pakistani Muslims have no rights ...

Interesting perspective and thank you for the report.

What was the purpose of 26/11 ? We are looking different link of these terrorist but could not give a single thought why so much efforts were made by terrorist. Those terrorist who are well linked and resourceful. Whole Indian and Pakistani Nations are being made fool. This is the tragedy of simple nations.

Hindu Terrorists have committed all the bombing attacks in India.

Write a news story about Indian Army officer, Lt. Col Purohit and Swami Aseemanand.

Lt. Col Purohit used Indian military explosives to bomb civilians in India and then blamed those attacks on Pakistan and Muslims.  Lt. Col Purohit is a Hindu.

RSS is a Hindu Terrorist group that shot and killed Gandhi in 1948.  Lt. Col Purohit is a member of the RSS Hindu Terrorist group.

Swami Aseemanand admitted and confessed to leading a Hindu Terrorist group; and to coordinating and organizing the terrorist bombings in India.

India’s military invented the suicide bomb vest.  India then provided these suicide bomb vests to the Tamil Tigers terrorist group to use against civilians in Sri Lanka.

Most of the world’s suicide bombers are Hindus!

India is the Terrorist State.

It is welcoming to see ProPublica investing in showing the facts of this trial.  Thank you Sabastian for working towards this and bringing out these details to the public. 

The involvement of ISI in many terror plots were proved by the Indian Govt. over the past many many years.  This corrupt organization with the help of external funding, is making the lives of people who wish to seek a non-violent life both in Pakistan and elsewhere miserable.

For morons @ Irfan @ Disguised coward - ShivSena :

There is no concept of Hindu based terrorism since the concept of Terrorist attacks that were done by Purohit and Aseemanand have no basis in Hindhuism since In india and in hindhuism “live and let live” “peaceful co-existence” “unity in diversity” .“one god , many are the paths to reach him” “one ocean , many rivers with many tributaries reach the same ocean” . Thats the idea behind.

As in any system , there will be extremist elements (and sentiments are well placed ) who are sick and tired of Minority appeasement and constant Bombings in India under the name of Indian Mujahideen ( Pakistani Outsourced Karachi Project) (Mumbai 2006, mumbai 2008 , pune 2009, ) and the Congress govt was playing with sentiments of majaority and testing the patience and something like this was eventually going to happen. This is a extreme exception used by you idiots to justify the 1000 other attacks. Get out of this Ostrich mode of denial and burying the head in the sand Thinking , this ideology of denial and blaming everything outside is eventual suicide for the ideology and people who follow it. If you cannot see , just See the state of Pakistan in the last 60 years.

The concept of martrydom and suicide “kill and take many people with you destruction” is used by all suicide bombers to get the 72 virgins and they quote the Quran. If you want to preach peace , please teach them the proper version of Islam to these misguided idiots.

Note : Purohits case is yet to be proven since the American version says it is LeT to ignite the Pak-India peace process and Swami Aseemanand case is also not proven , numerous doubts are present in the case as circumstantial evidence shows concorted manipulated by the Pseudo secular congress agencies for garnering Minority votes ahead of State elections.

Mohammed Jalaluddin, Kashmir (India)

May 31, 2011, 10:35 a.m.

The world knows that today the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ has become the ‘University of Terrorism’ and the Vice-chancellor of this University is Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

The ISI globally scouts for those Sunni Muslim youths who have an extreme hatred against Christians /Jews / Hindus (collectively called as ‘Kafirs’ or non-believers in Islam). These Muslim youths are then indoctrinated in global jihad / terrorism in the Pakistani madrassas. For this, the ISI provides scholarships. The brain-washed graduates from the Pakistani University of Terrorism are then sent to carry out massacres and carnages of innocent civilians, like the 9/11 (which was funded by ISI Director General Mahmud Ahmad), 26/11 Mumbai (complete planning, funding, logistical support and execution), 2006 Mumbai train bombings (outsourced by ISI under Karach Project to I Mujaheedin), London Bombings, Madrid bombings, Russia bombings, Bali bombings,... You name a terrorist act in the world, all footprints go to ISI of Pakistan.

Pakistan is responsible for bringing bad name to Islam. Because of dirty acts of Pakistani terrorists, all over the world innocent Muslims in the world are looked at with suspicion. Today Pakistan is responsible for distorting Islam by filling it with venomous hatred against Christians, Jews, Buddhists (Bamiyan Buddha destruction by Taliban under instruction from ISI) and Hindus.

Anthony D'Souza

May 31, 2011, 10:54 a.m.

All the comments from the readers should be based upon historical facts for which one should be able to reach relevent sources.

Propublica is a reputed organization and should maintain it’s standards. On this forum, I am surprised to find ABSOLUTE-LIES and PROPAGANDA by a few brain-washed jihadis from Pakistani madrassas, like ShivSena (a fake name) and Irfan. Such comments are worth appearing only on Pakistani madrassa discussion forums, not on a reputed news forum like propublica.

purohit and swami assemananda etc. are arrested by the indian security forces and they are under trial and all information regarding sumjhota express is handed over to pakistan and india is cooperating with them to book the culprits. but what is happening in mumbai attacks ,inspite of the evidence provided they are making lame excuses to act and punish the culprits.

Vijay Padiyar

May 31, 2011, 12:42 p.m.

One thing that is forgotten in these matters is that in the case of Samjhauta Express blast, Malegaon blast, etc. it was the Indian investigating agencies, not Pakistani ones, who discovered the links to Hindu terror organisations. We found the truth ourselves, we weren’t given the information by other countries and forced to admit it.

But in the case of Mumbai attacks, the Pakistani side has done practically nothing from its side, despite the fact that the plot was hatched, planned and launced from its soil. It is India that has provided all the evidence, despite the fact that it should be Pakistan which should be taking the lead in the investigation since it has physical access to the locations and people who were involved.

This is why the world talks about Mumbai but has “forgotten” (in your words) about Samjhauta & Malegaon.



As per the detailed confessions of Daood Gilani (aka, David Coleman Headly) to FBI and to NIA, the Samjhauta Express Blasts, the Malegaon blasts, Hyderabad blasts, and Godhra train burning, were carried out by Lashkar E Taiba on order from Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence.

Aseemanand, Purohit and Pragya have informed Indian investigation agencies that they were tortured to make false confessions for their involvement, to suit some so called secular political parties.

The involvement of LeT and ISI in Samjhauta Express blast and other crimes as mentioned above, was already suspected by the Indian investigation agencies, a suspicion which was later confirmed by Daood Gilani to FBI and NIA.

Thank you for calling me a “Moron”...

You have made a number of falsehoods in your comments:

1) “Swami Aseemanand case is also not proven”

- He CONFESSED and then gave multiple media interviews repeating his confession.

2) “all suicide bombers to get the 72 virgins and they quote the Quran”

- There is no mention of 72 virgins in exchange for suicide in the Quran, please quote Chapter and Verse this concept appears.

3) Hemant Karkare, the chief of ATS in India, was the first person killed on 26/11 - because he was going to expose the Hindu Terrorism network in the Indian military and the Indian government. 

4)  Malegoan, Sumjhauta Express, Pune Cafe and Mumbai are the proven work of RSS and Shiv Sena Hindu Terrorists.

Please name the “1000s” of other attacks - not media reports - but actual convictions with trials

And what about India INVENTING the SUICIDE BOMB VEST?  And then the Indian military SUPPLYING a HINDU TERRORIST Group - the Tamil Tigers - as part of official Indian Govt Policy?

No response on that FACT!

India is oppressing the Naxals and the Assamese, along with the Kashmiris.

India is Despotic and Fascist - India is a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

is there need to proof Pakistan is terrist knows it.If Headly told fake inncidents.why pak supported Laden and Daud?

@ Irfan (aka, Shiv Sena) I=>  I read your reply to Vijay

(1) Aseemanand in his recent interviews to the media has informed that he was tortured, drugged and black-mailed to make false confessions to police and media. He has claimed innocence.

Refer to statements of Daood Gilani (aka, David Headly) to FBI /NIA/ Court, in which he has given detailed information about how LeT carried out Samjhauta Express Blasts, Hyderabad blasts, Malegaon blasts, Ajmer blasts, Godhra train burning, etc on the orders from ISI.

(2) Quran (3:151) - “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers,.. Quran (8:12) - “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Quran (8:39) - “And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah”.. Quran (9:5) - “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolworshipers wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them….. Quran (9:20) - “Those who believe, and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way are of much greater worth in Allah’s sight. These are they who are triumphant. They will get into jannat with a company of 50 female virgins and 22 male virgins (total 72)”.

(3) Hemant Karkare was in team of Police constables, one of which survived the attack. He identified Mohammed Kasab as the attacker who killed Karkare. Besides there were 4 other eye-witnesses near the hospital, all identified Kasab as the killer. In the initial investigation, even Kasab confessed that he had killed Karkare. Please don’t try to make baseless statements.

(4) As per statements of Daood Gilani (David Headly), LeT had carried out those terror attacks on order from ISI. As per his confessions to the FBI and NIA, the ISI planned, funded and executed those terror attacks to create communal disturbances in India, the only beneficiary of which would have been Pakistan.

Despite the skeptical title, the article is essentially an uncritical transcription of the government’s claims. Such reporting does neither justice nor your readers a good service.

The “corroborating evidence” cited seems to be very weak - a bill from a hotel and some videos. Parsing past the obfuscation in the relevant paragraph, it seems that, despite the wiretapping, there are no recordings of the alleged conversations with “Iqbal”.

Of course, the witness may be telling the truth. But, it seems that this will essentially be a matter of assessing the witness’s own credibility rather the strength of supporting evidence.

@ Yoram Gat I=>

(1) There is an abundance of ‘corroborative evidence’. The New York Court is in possession of 3000 pages of evidence, which includes e-mail records between ISI handlers, LeT handlers, Headley and Rana.

(2) India has 10000 pages of evidence. India is also in possession of one of the 10 Pakistani terrorists from ISI, whose interrogation has provided a wealth of information about how ISI carried out Marine Commndo training of the terrorists in the Pakistan Navy facilities.

(3) India and the FBI have in their possession about 60 hours of telephonic conversations on satellite phones, VOIP phones and cell phones. These conversations included instructions from Zakiur Rehman Laqwi, Sajid Mir, Major Iqbal and Abu Qama to the terrorists. Headley has identified the voices of these people from the recordings. Pakistan has declined to provide voice samples of these people to India.

(4) Besides, the FBI has recoded the phone conversations between Headly, Rana and ISI handlers. Also, there are video clippings, laptop hard drive with a wealth of information, etc.

The court case is based upon solid corroborative evidence and Hedley is a star witness providing all the inside information about ISI and LeT. The court will have to consider Hedley’s statements as credit-worthy, because there is no new benefit to Headley to lie or to withhold information. He has already got the benefits that he wanted to get by becoming a witness.

@ Irfan -
Canadian has already answered all the four points raised by you.

About your last paragraph :

(a) Tamil Tigers was not a Hindu Terror Organization. They never fought under any religious banner, like your jihadi terror groups fight. Tamil Tigers fought against perceived discrimination they thought the majority Sinhalese speaking people had against the Tamil speaking people. Tamil Tigers had Tamil speaking people of all religions in their group. You are making absolutely rubbish statements here.

(b) India had no connection with Tamil Tigers. The Tamil Tigers murdered India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in a suicide bomb blast. India had adversarial relations with Tamil Tigers and India was the first country in the world to sanction them. Suicide belt was an invention of the Tamil Tigers, once again India had nothing to do with it.

(3) Your second-last statement is a lie and a propaganda by a brain-washed jihadi from a Pakistani madrassa. This statement does not deserve any comment.

(4) Nobody in the world agrees with your last sentence. But if you replace the word ‘India’ with ‘Pakistan’, the entire world will unanimously agree with that sentence! The Abbotabad raid on OBL compound and a truck-load of evidence against Pakistani ISI in the ongoing 26/11 Mumbai trial, has exposed Pakistan stark-naked to the world. Pakistanis, please scramble to hide your face in shame!


Glad to see that Pakistani attempts to lie and dissemble (al taqiyah) are being given a short shrift by some knowledgeable posters. This is how they always respond when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Their own prime minster even blamed the whole world for Osama bin Laden being found living in a military cantonment in Pakistan! And after the successful killing of this most-wanted terrorist, they had the chutzpah to complain that their sovereignty was being compromised instead of introspecting on why the Americans distrusted them so much so as to keep them in the dark about the operation, or how this terrorist leader was found living comfortably next to their West Point equivalent. The Pakistanis have even claimed that the 9-11 attacks was a Jewish conspiracy! That’s how low they will sink to be the perpetual victim. ProPublica is focused on the Mumbai terror attacks because American citizens were killed by these Pakistani terrorists. The other terrorists attacks mentioned killed Indian citizens and it is up to the Indian government to find out who was behind these attacks; which they are apparently undertaking a whole lot more sincerely (even if they seem to be barking up the wrong tree) than anything that the Pakistani government has ever done in its 63 years of backwards existence.

> There is an abundance of ‘corroborative evidence’.

Maybe, but if there is such an abundance, why is the evidence mentioned in this article so unconvincing? The author is certainly sympathetic to the government’s case and it is unlikely that he would downplay any convincing evidence.

By the way, the whole format and tone the article are very unprofessional. Beyond the fact that prosecution claims are reported as fact throughout,
it seems that the author has had private communication with the prosecution (“Investigators have determined that Major Ali worked closely with Major Iqbal, though that evidence has not yet been presented in court.”). Providing an out-of-court media platform for the prosecution is improper, especially since the occurrence of the private communication is not clearly stated and that source is granted anonymity.

To deal with Pakistan one has to deal with three or four different entities viz: The Military, The govt, the Taliban and other outfits.
What are the Moderates doing running scared. You guys need a ARAB SPRING like revoultion to accept that military in Pakistan is doing all the HARM it can to the country.
Threat to Pakistan is INTERNAL and not from India.  Common people fom both sides want peace and progress.

Pakistan must act fast or could even face extinction from the world community. EVEN CHINA will not help…...

Fellow readers , the title is “How Do We Know Pakistan Terror Witness Is Telling the Truth?”  and loook what we are talking and convincing Pakistani view about that “There are no Hindhus terrorits” , ” assemanand , purohit etc” .....

I think it is a constitutional right in Pakistan to have the topic diverted and never look within. Not one question about the state of Pakistan is answered objectively other than breast beating and rhetoric.Whatever is demaned from the other party , they conviniently dont follow them. This is the peak of hypocrisy.

Objectively looking at the problem and in trying to understand if there could be a constructive solution , please find my thoughts on the same.

If we take the whole problem as a sample with readership and comments , it does reflect some insight.

1. Pakistans army has been all along lying to people of Pakistan distorting facts , manipulating media , using terror as a foreign policy because of Indian obsession.

2. Pakistan thinks that it is the saviour of Islam and only true representative of it and going to extent of killing fellow Muslims (whom they call brothers) because of intolerance in Interpretation of Quran. The sectarian violence, the silencing of Sufi tradition (the most peaceful practioners and tolerant people). This version of Wahabist mentality is predominant power center in Pakistan today financially created by the Petro dollars.

3. Just take the comment of Irfan or Shiv Sena , after all thats happening in pakistan after the 2007 LalMasjid raid and numerous terror attacks on the country where even the Friday prayers are targetted , to claim that India is a terror state from a person who is a average citizen representing a Pro/Pak view , i cannot imagine what will be extremist idelogoy be, that for me reflects the complicated nature of the problem.

4. If a human being is in such a denial and self and world destructive mode , he will be given psycological treatment in a mental asylum

5.  What should now the world powers do in order to make sure that this virus of Jihadi trans national terrorism is contained ? What happens of the civil society?  What should India do ? Whats the endgame in Afghanistan ?  What are implications for the future world order out of this whole mess which started taking root ?

6. As a Indian , I still wish for welfare of all human lives including those of suicide bombers and I can only pity their state of Ignorance. The real solution is investment in right education separated from Religion.
Indians just have to improve their Internal security and not play Minority appeasement and jeopardise National security. Hunger kills more people in india than terrorism. So Indian system has to be very strong internally to prevent against any precipitation and when there are terror attacks , Take the attack right into enemy territory once and for all. The cost of the proxy war is way too hight and once the problem is resolved , india can invest all the money to provide Food , health education and good life to all its citizens. If Pakistan can wake from its mode of denial , INdia would be open to share the economic prosperity through Trade

Just to add a clarification regarding Tamil Tigers- Pakistani Jihadis often claim Tamil Tigers-LTTE- as a hindu terrorist group supported by India.
In theory,ideologically, LTTE is a secular organisation fighting for independent Tamil homeland. But in Practice,ALL LTTE top brass as Evangelical Christians and their funding comes from western countries. Here are few examples- Anton Balasingham- was LTTE propaganda chief-A Christian, Charles Anthony- Son of LTTE commander Prabhakaran, a Chrstian, It was reported that Prabhakaran himself is a converted Christian. Pottu Amman another top LTTE leader was a converted Christian so was Colonel Soosai another founding member of LTTE. Every single member of LTTE top leadership is christian, though some of them still maintain their old hindu names. But their children’s names all are undoubtedly Christian. There you go, so please calling LTTE a Hindu organisation.

Just to add a clarification regarding Tamil Tigers- Pakistani Jihadis often claim Tamil Tigers-LTTE- as a hindu terrorist group supported by India.
In theory,ideologically, LTTE is a secular organisation fighting for independent Tamil homeland. But in Practice,ALL LTTE top brass are Evangelical Christians and their funding comes from western countries. Here are few examples- Anton Balasingham- ex LTTE propaganda chief-A Christian, Charles Anthony- Son of LTTE commander Prabhakaran, a Chrstian, It was reported that Prabhakaran himself was a converted Christian. Pottu Amman another top LTTE leader was a converted Christian so was Colonel Soosai another founding member of LTTE. Every single member of LTTE top leadership is/was christian, though some of them still maintain their old hindu names. But their children’s names are undoubtedly Christian. There you go, so please stop calling LTTE a Hindu organisation.

Sangram Singh Rana

June 2, 2011, 9:01 p.m.

When Headley last week told the Chicago court that only low-level ISI officials were complicit in the plan to attack Mumbai, he went back on his earlier statement regarding the involvement of the world’s most notorious spy agency, the ISI, in the gruesome attack on civilians. Headley had earlier told his FBI handlers that Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Lashkar commander and one of the 26/11 masterminds, had briefed the then ISI chief, Mr Nadim Taj, about the preparations for the terror attack. 

According to sources in the government here, Headley said that it was Lakhvi who told him about his meeting with Mr Nadim Taj in August 2008. 

As per the information FBI shared with Indian agencies, Headley also told the American interrogators that it was because of the detailed exchange he already had with Mr Nadim Taj, that Lakhvi did not brief Major General Ahmed Shuja Pasha when he took over as the ISI chief in September 2008.

This shows Headley is now trying to protect the ISI top brass, as it seems his old loyalty to islamic terrorism and jihad, is woken up again.

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:

Pakistan’s Terror Connections

The Mumbai terror attacks have revealed evidence of the extent of the ties of Pakistani intelligence to terrorist groups and the flaws in the U.S fight against Pakistan-based terror.

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