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How You Can Help Us Flag Great Journalism (Now Even Easier!)

ProPublicaIn this age of cutbacks to journalism, it’s important to give attention to the fine reporting still out there. That’s why we spend so much time cruising for—and linking to—the best “accountability journalism” on the Web. But we’re far from omniscient. We know there are great stories that we’re not finding. That’s where you come in.

We’ve already asked for your help. Now, we’d like to kick it up a notch.

We still want you to send in any and all suggestions.  But we’re also creating another—potentially easier—way for you to submit links.

If you have an account with the bookmarking site Delicious, now all you have to do is tag an article “PPlinks” and we’ll see it right away. (If you don’t already have an account, Delicious is just a handy way to share links. It’s easy to sign up for. And no, we’re not getting any Delicious-y kickbacks.)

As always, we’ll take the best stories submitted and highlight them on our front page through our “Breaking on the Web” feature. We’re also going to give you credit for links (via a “hat tip”) on the Breaking on the Web page itself. We’ll also be doing regular posts giving props to our best and most prolific contributors.

So, join in—whether by e-mail or Delicious—and start contributing.

early CDS adventures.


Thanks so much for adding this! A few quick points:

• Is the tag “PPlinks” or is your account PPlinks? (meaning the tag would be “for: PPlinks”
• ProPublica is a great example of linking on the web, but there’s a matter of form that is worth pointing out. Generally speaking, Link to a site once, then don’t link again in the same article. It makes users think that there are more link destinations than there really are. ex… you probably only need to link to Delicious once in this article. Maybe a second time at the end.
• Consider not linking to the about page of the site if you’ve already linked to the homepage. Trust that the user can find the about page of the site. What would be more useful is a third-party review of what Delicious does.

Now that I’ve rained on the parade, I do sincerely thank you for adding this in, happy new year!


The tag itself is “PPlinks.” And yes, fair points about how I linked in this post.



Perhaps to prove that i’m geekier than thou, I shall reply at the same god-awful hour ;)

Thanks for the clarification and the reply — a merry aught 9 to you!

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