Word is that the health care bill isn't dropping until Friday. So in the meantime, check out these accountability headlines:

  • Payday lenders, with an aggressive lobbying presence in Washington, attack critics and weaken financial reform efforts, according to Talking Points Memo.
  • Also in lobbying ... This year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gears up to target Democrats in midterm elections. It plans to spend at least $50 million in what it's calling "the most aggressive voter-education and issue-advocacy effort in our nearly hundred-year history," according to The Washington Post.
  • A report shows coal-fired power plants are still spewing highly toxic mercury, according to  McClatchy. Mercury emissions are up at more than half of the country's largest coal-fired power plants.
  • Records show insurance giant WellPoint fell short of fulfilling a pledge to spend $30 million to help the uninsured, reports the Los Angeles Times. The company argues it did--through a "complicated reporting process."

These stories are part of our ongoing roundup of investigations from other news outlets. For more, visit our Investigations Elsewhere page.