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Top MuckReads: Infant Mortality, Sandusky’s Charity, Guns for Felons

Our rundown of this week’s best investigative or accountability journalism.


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett speaks, with Penn State student leaders behind him, during a news conference at the Nittany Lion Inn, on Nov. 11, 2011, in State College, Pa. In one of this week's MuckReads, it was found that the governor approved a $3 million state grant to Jerry Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile. The grant is now on hold. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Here are this week's top must-read stories from #MuckReads, ProPublica's ongoing collection of the best watchdog journalism. Anyone can contribute by tweeting a link to a story and just including the hashtag #MuckReads or by sending an email to The best submissions are selected by ProPublica's editors and reporters and then featured on our site and @ProPublica.

Where city factories, and now babies, die, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
As local economies suffer, so do the chances of babies making it through the first year of their lives. The Journal Sentinel reports that the U.S. has dropped in worldwide infant mortality rankings, with Milwaukee impacted especially hard. Contributed by @RL_Miller

Felons Finding It Easy to Regain Gun Rights, The New York Times
People with felony convictions forfeit their right to own guns, but thousands of felons, including those with violent histories, are finding those rights reinstated each year without even a hearing. The leniency varies based on the state. Contributed by @jennifergollan

Pa. governor approved grant for Sandusky charity, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
When Tom Corbett was Pennsylvania’s attorney general in 2008, he oversaw the beginning of the Jerry Sandusky investigation. Now governor, he approved a $3 million state grant to Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile. The grant is now on hold. Contributed by @bponsot

Critics: Fort Carson policy targeted troubled, wounded soldiers, Stars and Stripes
An army corporal earned two valor medals in three years in the military, but his life was falling apart otherwise. He was drinking. He tested positive for cocaine. The Army moved to get him out of the service via court-martial, and critics claim Fort Carson is increasingly using the policy against soldiers accused of minor misconduct. Contributed by @danielle_ivory

Right-to-know laws often ignored, Associated Press
More than 100 countries have right-to-know laws, but most don't follow those laws. The Associated Press found that only 14 responded in full to a sample request before the legal deadline. More than half didn't respond, and three of every 10 didn't even acknowledge the request. Contributed by @mattapuzzo

Guns banned and drugs legalized for stopping crimes against humanity.
Read more in the following article:
Two Koreas now want to be united! Wow! They are becoming smarter to realize that it’s time for “Border Lifting” before witnessing other pieces of lands like ‘Bangladesh and India’ etc. are becoming united again.
It’s also right time to start thinking about new global laws are to be made and passed. For examples:
*Production and distribution of weapons (gun) of all kinds for ordinary public use is absolutely banned for eliminating crimes against humanity in every corner of this earth (e.g. Uncontrollable forever, the billion dollar narcotic and weapon businesses operated by drug cartels in South-America).
* Internationally legalization of unrestricted like vegetables: drug production and distribution; so that, wise good global citizens will hate to touch this vegetable and it will become a business without demand (same will be oil business situation as there is endless yet to be discovered energy reserves world wide). Note: In Holland, drug business is somewhat legalized but there is almost no crimes caused by the drug users. Crimes against humanity are being committed by the motivation of wealth-greedy thugs in control of political power over a period of more than a half century.
* All the countries of the world will independently operate their financial matters but as if they are municipalities of a globally united one country of one world.
* New deficit-free of totally balanced trades will mean: e.g. Germany will be able to export its fine Beer, chemical etc. products to Canada or India, Bangladesh etc. as much as it imports Timbers, plane parts etc. from Canada or Sea-salt, clothing etc. products from India, Bangladesh etc..
*Unproductive pieces of lands will continue be expanded enough to form a larger global municipality to be able to financially participate in the new United Nation financial programs; which will mean, without regular contribution, no more expectation of receiving free aids from UN power will be entertained.
Let’s start with gaddafi’s son (Saif, even he have no money in his pocket now) and then many too rich sons and daughters of rulers and leaders, whose only so thought qualification is obtained by hereditary transfer of ruler-ship, are to be followed by the demand of collective global public.
Well, I hope to see the Omni-powerful CC and ICC (@50%) would make it happen for him facing a fair trial instead of getting killed by bullying thugs in the control of gun power in Libya. New universally applicable laws can only make sure that the natural resources in the world, like Canada, Libya, USA, Venezuela, Saudi-Arabia’s etc. are monetarily non-profiting but for the use of global public or eternal mankind and a new UN power under a selfless good leadership like “not greedy’: Obama can guarantee changes in and /or implementations of new global laws.
Readers Please note: I could not post this on Swedish: the Local , because my internet connection or loptop usage was being manipulated and diabled by an elusive party when I tried to add a few more words about providing some wealth and feeding feeding the idle, out of dated ruler-ships of hereditary style kings in luxurious life style.

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