Tonight, our Paul Kiel will be featured in a Need To Know segment about the foreclosure crisis in Nevada.  Kiel spoke with Megan Thompson about the government’s failed programs that were intended to help homeowners.  He also explains why banks and mortgage servicers have been reluctant and ineffective in arranging mortgage modifications.

You can watch the segment here:

Watch The Foreclosure Crisis in Nevada on PBS. See more from Need to Know.

Also, our Michael Grabell will be on the Brian Lehrer Show today at 11 a.m. Eastern to talk about his recent analysis of the stimulus/Recovery Act and his new book Money Well Spent?

And yesterday, WNYC’s Leonard Lopate interviewed Kim Barker and Al Shaw about super PACs and our PAC Track. That interview can be heard here. Barker will be on KNPR’s State of Nevada today at noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific to explain the proliferation of super PACs and how they might influence the upcoming Nevada caucuses.