Today, Open Road Media releases an ebook version of ProPublica’s “Presidential Pardons: Shades of Mercy” series.  Written by Dafna Linzer and Jennifer LaFleur, the investigation explored the unintended consequences of President Bush’s attempt to take politics out of the pardon process.  The new system, which is still in place under President Obama, has resulted in white criminals being almost four times as likely to receive a presidential pardon than people of color.  The story also reveals how applicants who have support from a member of Congress triple their chances of receiving mercy from the executive branch.

The ebook contains a new introduction by Linzer about how she got started on the story, as well as an afterword on our research methodology, and additional charts and graphics. 

The ebook comes on the heels of political leaders seeking reform and improvements in the process.  Earlier this year, the House Judiciary Committee asked Attorney General Eric Holder tough questions about ProPublica’s investigation and what his plans were to change the pardon process.  And former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich is seeking support for a new law clinic that will aid and improve the pardon system.

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