Casey McDermott

Casey McDermott was ProPublica's Kickstarter intern, reporting on the intern economy. Before joining ProPublica, Casey interned at The Chronicle of Higher Education and USA Today. She graduated from Penn State University in 2013.

2013: The Year of the Intern?

Despite key court ruling and an upswing in legal challenges, many internship issues remain unresolved

You Know Who Else Uses Unpaid Interns? Colleges and Universities

Over the past year, unpaid internships in journalism, film and government have drawn more scrutiny. But some schools — notably, their athletic departments — have sought out unpaid interns, too.

Q&A: David Yamada on Condé Nast and Intern Rights

Law professor and intern labor rights advocate David Yamada shares his take on Condé Nast’s decision to end its internship program and the debate over intern rights and wages.

#ProjectIntern Hits the Road to Capture College Intern Stories

We want to make the conversation about internships (more) personal. So our Kickstarter-funded intern has hit the road to capture intern stories around the country.

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