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Severe Complications for Pregnant Veterans Nearly Doubled in the Last Decade, a GAO Report Finds

The report, which notes that Black women have a higher rate of complication, recommends that the VA collect more data on mental health, race and ethnicity to understand the reasons for the disparity.

Voters in at Least 10 States Are Trying to Protect Abortion Rights. GOP Officials Are Throwing Up Roadblocks.

Republican officials are undermining citizen-led ballot initiatives that seek to protect the procedure. Ohio is the latest state to get protections on the November ballot.

Doctors Emerge as Political Force in Battle Over Abortion Laws in Ohio and Elsewhere

Ohio is among at least five states where physicians have mobilized to protect reproductive rights. Here’s what doctors in the state are doing to protect abortion.

True the Vote Leadership Accused of Using Donations for Personal Gain

The conspiracy-peddling nonprofit made loans to founder Catherine Engelbrecht and issued contracts to longtime director Gregg Phillips that may have violated state and federal law, a watchdog complaint filed with the IRS alleges.

Promoters of Election Lies Also Hyped a Hospital for Ukraine. That Never Happened Either.

True the Vote, a group that spread discredited election conspiracy theories, “abandoned” The Freedom Hospital in April 2022, according to its lawyers. Yet board member Gregg Phillips continued to seek donations for the project for months afterward.

They Were Trying to Help Run Elections. Then They Got Criminally Investigated.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton hasn’t just been pursuing supposed voter fraud. His office has also criminally investigated at least 10 election workers, in a harbinger of potential post-midterm turmoil.

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