Elyssa Cherney

A Rare Statue of Buddha Fails to Sell at Auction as Questions Swirl Around a Renowned Art Collection

What happened may be a sign that objects from the collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf will have trouble finding buyers following questions about how they were acquired. The piece from Nepal was once displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Questions Shadow These Items From a Renowned Art Collection

Chicago art mavens James and Marilynn Alsdorf amassed their collection during an era where standards were looser than they are today. Now, the origins of more than a dozen objects they acquired face scrutiny.

Nepal Wants a Sacred Necklace Returned. But a Major Museum Still Keeps It on Display.

Questions about the origins and ownership of some Asian artifacts in a key collection at the Art Institute of Chicago have cast doubt on the museum’s commitment to keeping its galleries free of stolen antiquities.

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