Henri Cauvin

Senior Editor

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Henri Cauvin was a senior editor with ProPublica.

Before joining ProPublica, he was an editor on the metro desk of The New York Times, where he oversaw coverage of the New York Police Department, state and federal courts, and low-income housing and homelessness. At the Times, he edited the Murder in the 4-0 project, which examined each murder in a Bronx precinct over the course of a year to understand how and why murder persists in a handful of New York City neighborhoods. He also oversaw an investigation into “testilying” by New York City police officers and an investigation that used data analysis to refute New York City’s explanations for racial disparities in marijuana arrests.

Earlier, Cauvin worked at The Washington Post for 10 years, as a reporter and then as an editor. Prior to the Post, he was a correspondent in South Africa for the Times. Cauvin spent his early days as a reporter for the Miami Herald and the New York Daily News. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a master's degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

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