Jess Ramirez

Scripps Howard Journalism Fellow

Jess Ramirez is an engagement reporting fellow for the Scripps Howard Journalism Fellowship. She covers immigration, diaspora communities, and identity. Before joining ProPublica, she was a content producer and social media editor for Al Jazeera’s digital network, AJ+ and AJ+ Español. Previously, she was a San Francisco Film Society Filmhouse resident for the documentary short film, “Futbolistas 4 Life.”

What to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Crowdsourcing Project

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What ProPublica Is Covering This Year

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¿Eres puertorriqueño y has tenido problemas registrándote para votar? Queremos conocer tu historia

Una demanda alega que los puertorriqueños que se mudaron a Florida después de los huracanes de 2017 se verán privados de su derecho al voto por las barreras con el idioma. Necesitamos tu ayuda para saber más.

Puerto Ricans: Have You Experienced Any Problems When Registering to Vote?

A lawsuit alleges that Puerto Ricans who relocated to Florida after the hurricanes of 2017 will find themselves prevented from voting because of language barriers. We need your help to tell this story.

Immigrant Shelters Drug Traumatized Teenagers Without Consent

Whether they came to the U.S. alone, or were forcibly separated from their families at the border, despondent minors are often pressured into taking psychotropic drugs without approval from a parent or guardian.

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