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Mariam Elba is a research reporter supporting ProPublica’s local newsroom initiatives.

Elba was previously an associate research editor at the Intercept, where she managed the fact-checking desk and supervised freelancers, regularly vetting reporting and sourcing for sensitive articles and conducting background research in collaboration with newsroom teams. Elba started as a fact-checker for the Intercept and First Look Media’s visual journalism unit, Field of Vision, where she worked closely with writers, editors and filmmakers to ensure that stories were framed accurately and fairly.

Before joining the Intercept, Elba was an editorial intern at the Nation, where she received her fact-checking training. She is an adjunct professor at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, where she teaches a course in advanced news research methods.

A Top Mutual Fund Executive Made Millions for Himself Trading the Same Stocks His Giant Fund Was Trading

Confidential IRS data reveals that David Hoeft, chief investment officer of mutual fund giant Dodge & Cox, was one of many investment managers who bought and sold the same stocks their company was trading.

How Tennessee’s Justice System Allows Dangerous People to Keep Guns — With Deadly Outcomes

Michaela Carter was one of at least 75 people killed in domestic violence shootings in Nashville since 2007. Nearly 40% were shot by people who were legally barred from having a gun.

Bullied by Her Own Party, a Wisconsin Election Official’s GOP Roots Mean Nothing in Volatile New Climate

In the face of repeated calls to back Donald Trump's bogus claims that the 2020 election was stolen, Marge Bostelmann of the Wisconsin Elections Commission remains resolute: “I’m a Republican who stands up for the truth and not for a lie.”

As Residential Care Homes Expand in Maine, Seniors Don’t Always Get the Care They Need

The disappearance of nursing home beds is sending thousands to “nonmedical” residences that aren’t equipped to handle more intensive health needs.

Pregnant? Here’s What You Need to Know About NIPTs

The noninvasive prenatal testing industry confuses patients and even some doctors. So we’ve created this guide to the tests, the accuracy of results, cost and more.

They Trusted Their Prenatal Test. They Didn’t Know the Industry Is an Unregulated “Wild West.”

As regulators stay on the sideline, a growing industry expands its reach but leaves some pregnant patients feeling misled and heartbroken.

The City Where Investigations of Police Take So Long, Officers Kill Again Before Reviews Are Done

A California city’s flawed handling of fatal police shootings allowed six officers to use deadly force again before their first cases were decided. Experts say the department’s system "isn’t even basement standard practice” and needs oversight.

They Faced Foreclosure Not From Their Mortgage Lender, but From Their HOA

While most homeowners associations refrain from the “last resort” of foreclosing on residents, some Colorado communities have moved time and again to take members’ homes.

Colorado Homeowners: Do You Have Experience Dealing With an HOA? Help Us Investigate.

HOAs can help keep common areas clean and pay for upkeep, but residents who fall behind on dues or run afoul of the rules can find themselves at risk of losing their home.

What’s Gone Wrong at Chicago’s Last Black-Owned Bank?

Despite government intervention and new owners, GN Bank fights for survival while customers worry about losing their homes.

Have You Had an Experience With Prenatal Genetic Testing? We’d Like to Hear About It — and See the Bill.

We want to understand more about your interactions with genetic screening providers, such as Progenity, Natera, Harmony and others.

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