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Marie C. Baca was an intern at ProPublica. An alumna of Stanford University's graduate program in journalism, she has also interned at The Wall Street Journal, where she covered San Francisco Bay Area news. Her work has shed light on housing discrimination against families, toxic waste sites in Silicon Valley, and the challenges of obtaining compensation for wrongful incarceration. She has a bachelorâs degree in human biology, also from Stanford University, and is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Forced Pooling: When Landowners Can't Say No to Drilling

Gas drillers are using a powerful legal tool to force reluctant landowners to cooperate.

Some Appointees to Oil and Gas Commission Are Industry Execs, Lobbyists

Industry executives and lobbyists hold positions on an interstate oil and gas commission that espouses the safety of hydraulic fracturing.

Beyond Fracking: Experts Challenge Safety of Exploratory Wells, Vertical Drilling

Expert testimony for an administrative hearing disputes the safety of exploratory wells and vertical drilling.

NY Assembly Approves Hydraulic Fracturing Moratorium

The New York state legislature gave its final approval to a bill that would, if signed by the governor, place a hold on new fracking until May 2011.

Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling

Citing health and environmental concerns, Pittsburgh’s city council unanimously passes a ban on natural gas drilling within city limits.

Halliburton’s Stonewalling Works in Pa., but Sparks Subpoena at EPA

Halliburton’s refusal to give the EPA a list of its fracking chemicals may seem risky, but its anti-disclosure campaign appears to be working in Pennsylvania.

Interview: Former NY Environmental Commissioner Pete Grannis on Gas Drilling

Recently ousted New York environmental commissioner Pete Grannis talks to ProPublica about hydraulic fracturing, his time as a regulator and the future of natural gas drilling in America.

Two Companies Seek Trade Secret Status for Fracking Fluids in Wyoming

New rules in Wyoming require natural gas drilling companies to disclose the makeup of their hydraulic fracturing fluids, but two chemical manufacturers don't want to share their formulas with the public.

Leaked Memo Depicts Bare-Bones Regulatory Environment for NY Gas Drilling

Memo from fired New York environmental chief says Paterson budget cuts would make it harder to clean up spills, respond to natural gas drilling in New York state.

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