Marina Affo

Marina Affo was an editorial assistant at ProPublica. Prior to this she was one of ProPublica's Emerging Reporters. Before coming to ProPublica, Marina was a Jim Dowe Public Media Intern at Maine Public, NPR's member station in Maine.

Marina graduated from Bowdoin College this past May where she studied government and history. While there she was a reporter and editor of the student paper, the Bowdoin Orient.

Brain Drain At the EPA

Some 300 scientists and environmental protection specialists have departed the agency during the Trump administration.

Lifting the Veil on Another Batch of Shadowy Trump Appointees

The administration continues to quietly hire political staffers — more than 1,000 so far, many of them regulating industries they previously worked for — but we’ve uncovered more identities. “The swamp continues,” says a Trump campaign official who is now a lobbyist.

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