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A Washington Special Education School Accused of Abusing Students Is Closing Amid Scrutiny

The state’s investigation of Northwest SOIL, a private program serving public school students, was prompted by reporting from The Seattle Times and ProPublica that uncovered accusations about staff restraining and injuring vulnerable students.

A Washington Special Education School That Was Accused of Harming Kids Is Now Barred From Taking New Students

A state investigation into Northwest SOIL, launched following a Seattle Times and ProPublica series that highlighted problems at the school, found “unacceptably high” use of physical restraints and isolation rooms.

Washington State Legislature Strengthens Oversight of Private Special Education Schools

In response to a Seattle Times and ProPublica series, the state is getting more power to regulate schools for students with disabilities.

How One Mom Fought Washington’s Special Education System — and Won

The state’s failure to monitor private special education schools forces parents to take extraordinary and sometimes expensive measures to get their kids into the best programs— or keep them out of the worst.

Washington State Launches Investigation of Private Special Education Schools

The inquiry and a sweeping reform bill follow a Seattle Times and ProPublica investigation that found allegations of abuse, overuse of isolation rooms and pressure to skimp on staffing and resources at the Northwest School of Innovative Learning.

Washington State Proposes Reforms for Special Education Schools

Education officials cite Seattle Times/ProPublica investigation that showed state failed to address complaints about abuse, lack of academics.

“Kids Seem to Be a Paycheck”: How a Billion-Dollar Corporation Exploits Washington’s Special Education System

Universal Health Services collected more than $38 million in tax dollars for special education services that families and former teachers say it largely didn’t provide.

At Washington State Special Education Schools, Years of Abuse Complaints and Lack of Academics

Northwest SOIL promised to help students with serious disabilities. But when school districts urged action, the state let the private school stay open and receive millions in tax dollars.

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