Nate Schweber

Over a Dozen Black and Latino Men Accused a Cop of Humiliating, Invasive Strip Searches. The NYPD Kept Promoting Him.

The men said Assistant Chief Christopher McCormack touched them inappropriately during searches or ordered others to do so. Eighty-six NYPD leaders have at least one credible misconduct allegation on file. McCormack has the most.

The Men Who Lost Their Lives When Their Tanker Went Down in a Doomed Military Training Flight

There were five Marines inside the KC-130J Hercules fuel tanker high above the Pacific when it went down. Here are brief profiles of the lost tanker crew.

The Wrong Goodbye

A wrenching decision to end life support, and the unthinkable mistake that devastated not one but two families.

New Zealand Massacre Dredges Up Worries at a Traumatized New York Mosque

“We worry because we got the hate already,” said the general secretary of Al Furqan Jame Masjid, a Queens mosque whose imam was shot to death in 2016.

In Navy Disasters, Neglect, Mistakes, and 17 Lost Sailors

Snapshots of the sailors who perished in a pair of collisions in the Pacific in 2017.

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